Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Psst... One More Way to Watch Worlds (for Free!)

If you're like me-- meaning, you're planning to catch Worlds online and have NOT yet paid the necessary subscription fee to Universal Sports or IceNetwork (because procrastination is your strong suit), read on...

Vlad, the ubertalent behind the World Figure Skating blog, has set up a page full of links to FREE, live coverage via Russian TV. If you're OK with Russian graphics and commentary-- or, perhaps, prefer it no matter what language you speak!-- you might want to give it a try. Check out the page here!!

I'll be doing so tomorrow morning... and will report back if I encounter any problems and need to go find my credit card instead. Happy viewing all... and thank you Vlad!!


Tony said...

Ugh the irony. I also procrastinated, and came across a link to a Russian stream that is playing absolutely clear and perfect for me. Now I'll likely stay up all hours of the night!

Kelli Lawrence said...

Ha... "poor" Tony :-)

Unfortunately I didn't have the same luck-- none of the links came through clearly for me this AM, so I'm doing the IceNetwork thing after all. Oh well!