Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The "Great"-ness That is Figure Skating-- from the P.O.V. of Jahnke, Meissner, and (especially) Bobek

Before I (finally! Yea!) dive into the world of Worlds predictions, here are a few not-so-odd odds and ends to mention… each with its own “Worlds connection”:

Ryan Jahnke (1 Worlds appearance in 2003; finished 13th ) periodically sends info to bloggers like myself which helps promote his ingenious brainchild, You might recall that, a while back, he invited skaters, fans and the like to answer the question “What’s so great about figure skating?” on video and submit it to MSM for use in a compilation piece. Well it’s finished now—so whether you’re in it, know someone in it, or just want to see what everyone had to say (including Jahnke himself and a few current U.S. competitors), check it out here.

When I promoted the fundraiser Skate For Love last week, I admittedly was just going by the information provided by the show’s PR staff. Otherwise, I’d have been sure to mention that the show was to feature an appearance by none other than Nicole Bobek (3 Worlds appearances; best finish was 3rd in 1995). Bobek’s name of late has been more synonymous with drug abuse and criminal charges than her athletic efforts, but she appears to be, as Jahnke might say, rediscovering what’s so great about figure skating. I couldn’t find last week’s performance, but you might want to check out this Clip of the Day nonetheless… she performs in a straight-to-YouTube sort of way just about 6 weeks ago. No triple jumps yet, but otherwise, it’s essentially vintage Bobek through and through. And for more about this happy(ier) sort of ending she’s carving for her post-competitive days, be sure to check out this article.

One of the names I did mention in last week’s Skate For Love promotion was that of Kimmie Meissner (3 Worlds appearances; best finish was 1st in 2006). As she’s alluded to in previous interviews, she’s still skating in the occasional show (such as this one) but putting a stronger focus right now on her undergrad studies at the University of Delaware. Remember, she’s all of 21 now! has an update on Meissner too—read more about here.

What do I think is so great about figure skating? I think I’ll hold off on answering that until Worlds is (finally! Yea!) complete in early May. But for predictions and other forms of discussion as to what I think and/or hope will be great, stay tuned over the next half-dozen days…

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