Friday, April 29, 2011

2011 Worlds Ladies SP Results/McNotes

I got out of bed, I watched (most of them), I posted… here are some quick notes on the Top 15:

1) Kim (65.91)

In her long-awaited return to competition, Kim skated beautifully to Giselle but fell out of her opening triple lutz, putting the combo elsewhere…and just barely out-scoring….

2) Ando (65.58)

Spot-on as always, now that she’s settled into this “Mission” program. 3lutz/2Loop was her combo.

3) Makarova (61.62)

Her clean SP included a 3T/3T, just barely out-scoring…

4) Czisny (61.47)

Clean short! Only error I could see was pitching forward on the 3F a little bit. Should have outscored Makarova, with whom she is very nearly tied for 3rd.

5) Leonova (59.75)

With another new hairdo (this time looking like Little Orphan Annie with a more relaxed perm), she lit up the home crowd with a clean skate which included a 3T/3T.

6) Kostner (59.75)

Kostner fell on her triple flip, but is currently tied with Leonova… Leonova is placed higher because the higher tech. score gets the nod in an SP tie.

7) Asada (58.66)

One guess as to why she’s down here in 7th… yep, blame that pesky triple axel. Asada’s 3ax landing was two-footed and, I’m guessing, possibly downgraded (anyone know for sure?)

8) Flatt (57.22)

No triple/triple here; her combo was a 3Flip/2Toe. But guess what? No triple lutz either… she doubled it (which required the knock-knock “oops-I-goofed” move right after the skate was over).

9) Korpi (55.09)

Maybe her horrific FS at Europeans was haunting Korpi, as she fell on the front end of her 3T/3T combo and never put the combo in elsewhere.

10) Murakami (54.86)

I missed this one, but judging from what I’ve seen of her crazy-packed “Jumping Jack” SP before, Murakami must’ve skated well below her average.

11) Meite (53.26)

Who? Why, that’s Mae-Bernice Meite of France, who skated cleanly and landed a 3T/3T.

12) Hecken (52.73)

I missed Hecken too, but I’m guessing she also skated clean and landed a 3T/3T (that’s the combo she did last year, anyway).

13) Phaneuf (52.62)

Apparently Phaneuf and Flatt were sipping from the same water fountain. She doubled her 3Lutz too. (And only does a 3Toe as her stand-alone triple.)

14) Lacoste (51.98)

With a clean skate which included a 3lutz and a 3Loop/2Loop, Canada’s fill-in for Myriane Sampson held her own at what I think is her first Worlds.

15) Gedevanishvili (51.61)

It looked like her triple lutz/double toe might have been 2-footed, and her 3Toe definitely was.

The big free skate showdown happens Saturday!

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