Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Men's SP McNotes (contains spoilers)

Quick update for those who can't watch live, and/or want to comment on the Men's SP:

The top 15 is as follows...

1) Chan 93.02 (still inflated I believe, but he was indeed outstanding... and with a 12-point lead I think he's got this one, if you know what I mean)

2) Oda 81.81 (Fell out of 4Toe and had a stumble on his FW; in my opinion he was overmarked)

3) Takahashi 80.25 (no quad but a clean skate; IMO he was undermarked)

4) Gachinski 78.34 (nice home-country surprise; this was almost entirely on the strength of his 4T/3T... he was the only one to do it besides Chan)

5) Amodio 77.64 (no quad, as usual, but a good clean skate)

6) Kozuka 77.62 (in a virtual dead heat w/Amodio, despite putting both hands down on his 3axel

7) Brezina 77.50 (almost tied for 5th as well; no quad, clean outing for him)

8) Verner 75.94 (fell on 4T attempt, unfortunately)

9) Joubert 71.29 (Fell out of his 4T and DID NOT PUT A COMBO IN ANYWHERE ELSE, which is why I think he was wildly overmarked.)

10) Ten 71.00 (glad to see he finally did pretty well, but he was on too early for me to see)

11) Dornbush 70.54 (too early for me to see as well, but I hear he was clean)

12) Bradley 70.45 (another clean skate including a 4T/2T; looked fully rotated to me but haven't heard officially...)

13) Miner 70.40 (That's right, the U.S. guys are all within .14 of each other!!)

14) Fernandez 69.16 (Pretty good, but stepped out of the back end of his 3/3 combo)

15) Van Der Perren 68.34 (Fell on his 4T attempt, which doesn't leave a lot to fall back on, so to speak,for VDP)

Two surprises that did NOT qualify for the FS: Sweden's Adrian Schultheiss (25th, with two falls), and Austria's Viktor Pfeifer (26th).

Pairs SP coming shortly!

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Robin Agnew said...

I got up early - I didn't see Bradley thanks to a computer glitch, but between Miner and Dornbush I thought Miner was better. Both were quite good. Chan was TOTALLY overmarked but he WAS great and I love that program. Can't understand other than jumps why Takahashi is in 3rd. Oda looked messy to me.