Saturday, April 30, 2011

2011 World Ice Dance SD McNotes

Here are the top 10 finishers in the Short Dance, accompanied with a bit of know-nothing, “I just know what I like” commentary.

1) Virtue/Moir 74.29

Judy Blumberg (who was the analyst, I believe, during Universal’s coverage) thought they seemed slow, a little choppy, and were up on their toepicks too much. But their marks didn’t seem to show it much.

2) Davis/White 73.76

Blumberg also noted that Charlie didn’t catch his blade properly during the twizzles, but otherwise it was deemed their best yet of the season… though they, once again, landed just ½ a point behind. Grrrr.

3) Pechalat/Bourzat 70.97

Has anyone noticed their opening moves in the SD are very similar to this year’s FD (minus the “she’s blind” thing)? Great effort; glad they’re poised for a medal at last.

4) Shibutani/Shibutani 66.88

The awesome rookie season continues. In 4th after the SD on your first senior Worlds?? WHAT?

5) Bobrova/Soloviev 65.88

Here I was, waiting to hear their Tom Jones music and then I see they changed it at Europeans…

6) Ilinykh/Katsalapov 65.51

Did they change their SD music too? Blumberg found it “distracting” and I agree, though they had some nice moments in there.

7) Weaver/Poje 65.07

Last time I saw them they were having a bummer of an FD at 4 Continents. Glad to see them back in fine form. Less than a point separates them and the two Russian teams, you might have noticed.

8) Cappellini/Lanotte 64.12

In their case, Que sera sera (part of their SD music) means “you are in about the same spot as last year headed into your free dance.”

9) Chock/Zuerlein 61.47

Great senior Worlds debut so far! Can we keep all three U.S. teams in the top 10?? Stay tuned… (Samuelson/Bates really have their work cut out for them when they return.)

10) Crone/Porier 61.01

I told them to change this SD program, but did they listen?? And then she flubs the twizzles too. Egads.

The Dance Finals are up shortly… more on those later tonight…

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