Friday, October 3, 2008

Emmanuel Can't "Dance", but Curran Can Scrabble

Another “3 things to know” follows, but first—here's quasi-breaking news for those of you dying to know if Emmanuel Sandhu will turn up in the Top 20 of So You Think You Can Dance Canada. In a word—nope. Sorry. He was reportedly cut in a later round of auditions. Film at eleven… or whenever I can find something on You Tube.

Anyway…next up in my showcase of up-and-comers is Curran Oi, who skates out of Boston. Yes, I’m featuring him because he’s competing in the JGP this weekend… but, I admit, it’s also because he has a great name. I can’t wait to see him on TV, skating so well the crowds are chanting “Oi! Oi!” Won’t that be cool?

Here are your three things to know:

+ He mentions a fondness for both Scrabble and Boggle—twice in the same bio! My translation: do not challenge him to a game of Scrabble or Boggle. You will lose. Probably twice.

+ He lists Friends as his favorite TV show. With a birth date of 10/19/90 that means he was not even 4 years old when this show first started its long run in prime time. Take one step forward if that makes you feel really, really old. (Yes, I’m looking in the mirror when I say that.)

+ One of his other passions, outside of the aforementioned Scrabble and Boggle: “fusion energy”. Hey, me too! It’s like I have a twin…

Clip of the Day features Oi’s free skate from this summer’s Liberty Open. It’s a single-cam home video; I look forward to the day he gets the multi-camera TV treatment. His current FS uses music from On the Waterfront. Who else used that recently—was it Buttle? Someone please help me out with that question before it drives me nuts :-)

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Aaron said...

I saw this guy at Nationals last year and he's great...bit of a wild cannon...but great.

As for "On the Waterfront" the last skater I can remember using this piece was Michael Weiss waaayyyyyyyyy back in 2000...but I'm sure there was someone more recent. Hmmmmmm