Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Election Daze, NBC Olympics Style

As I sat there with the latest U.S. Presidential Debate ringing in my ears last night, it reminded me to remind YOU to vote. If you haven’t voted already, that is. And IF the poll is still open…

Of course I could only be talking about the NBC Vancouver site, which you can find right
here. What event are you looking forward to in Vancouver in 2010? is the question they posed approximately one month ago. It was a nail-biting time back when I voted; as I recall snowboarding was in the lead for several days. (Curses, you crazy snowboarding bloggers and newsgroups who were trying to stuff the ballot box!)

But at last glance, figure skating held an overwhelming lead with 84% of the vote. Good thing, too, as the last thing a TV network needs right now is the message that no one’s that interested in this sport.

Ever since I voted, I’ve been unable to tell whether the poll is still open (all I’ve seen are current results). But even if it’s closed, go check it out anyway. Not only might it do your heart some good to be reaffirmed of skating’s continued popularity… you have to see the funny-but-not-really mistake that NBC made. As pointed out at the
Required Elements blog on September 9, NBC gushes (rightly so) about Mao Asada being the one to watch when it comes to predicting possible Olympic medalists in Vancouver… but uses a photo of Yukari Nakano instead. You’d have thought someone at NBC would have caught the mistake by now. But as of this post, they haven’t. Now paging ridiculous, party of two…?!

If anyone finds an effective e-mail link to point out the mistake to NBC, please pass it on. My previous attempts to contact them via one of their websites was unsuccessful, so this time around I’m choosing to simply mock them a little. :-)

From the now-for-something-completely-different files: the
Clip of the Day is Emmanuel Sandhu’s elimination from SYTYCD Canada. The bad news is that this clip doesn’t show much more than, well, the bad news and his requisite “this isn’t the end, it’s only the beginning” sound bite. The good news is that it all happens in the first 90 seconds of this lengthy clip.


Aaron said...

God knows I managed an e-mail link somehwere to tell them about that mistake...all I got a response was an e-mail telling me what to do when I get fradulent e-mails claiming to be from NBC. Really?

Kelli Lawrence said...

To which I can only add, "HUH??"

Nicely done, NBC...