Monday, October 20, 2008

All Systems Go? The ISU Grand Prix Checklist


Finally! Time to say screw football… the Grand Prix is starting! No, not that Grand Prix (why does it have to be synonymous with a Formula One Racing event?)… Skate America! Skaaate AMEEERIIIICAAAA!!!!

Well now that that’s out of my system, it’s time to break out the Grand Prix Checklist:

+ Tape of last year’s SKAM… check.
+ Time to watch and review last year’s SKAM…um… whoops. Need to work on this one.
+ Check to see when SKAM airs and highlight it with a big yellow neon marker… check.
+ Grimace when I see SKAM only gets two hours of air time… check.
+ Cry when I remember I should be grateful for those two hours, because it’s the only two hours of air time the Grand Prix will get in the U.S. all season… check.
+ Look up list of competitors to see who’s dropped out and who’s replacing them… check. (5 replacements so far, by the way.)
+ Be the first skating blogger to make predictions on who will win medals… oh, crap, I’m too late.(Should I still try if I promise not to consciously crib my blogmates?)
+ Subscribe to Ice Network for the first time… oh, crap, now I’m too early?!

Wow—who knew prepping for 120 minutes of sequins and spirals could be so complicated? Oh, wait, that would be me.

Which leaves only one more thing to say: BRING IT ON.

(But not before watching this lovely
Clip of the Day featureing Miki Ando’s silver-medal winning from last year’s event.)


Laura@requiredelements said...

Definitely make predictions! I think we should set up some sort of a blogger pool and keep a tally of who has the most correct predictions or something.

Aaron said...

That's brill (I said brill...watching too much Kath and Kim on NBC!) Laura...we could start with the Grand Prix Final!

Totally go for the predictions!