Sunday, October 26, 2008

And They're OFF! (The Skaters? Judges? You Decide.)

What a weekend to be out of town—and not in Everett, Washington.

We made a quick jaunt over to Cincinnati, trying to make the most of our kids’ Fall Break and our limited vacation budget. While I think we were successful in that regard, I remain sans laptop with wireless access, and was therefore unable to follow SKAM in “real” time. I managed to get my season pass to in time to watch most of the Friday night action, but couldn’t stay up long enough to watch round 1 of the Johnny/Evan show (though I logged on long enough the following AM to watch their respective SPs)…

Anyway, I’m a little more caught up now on who-did-what-and-what-everyone-thinks-of-it, and will try to make up for my 3-day absence with several shorter posts in the coming week. Gotta get all the SKAM talk over and done with in time to make some meager SKCAN (Skate Canada) predictions, after all…whew! Such a whirlwind this part of the season is already, and now I’m blogging about it too?! Whose idea was this?

Oh, it was mine. Much as it was my idea to say “I didn’t say he’d WIN” about Kozuka in my last post, and here I am, eating my words a few days later. Chomp chomp.

For a
Clip of the Day I’ll give you the McLaughlin/Brubaker FS that won them silver this weekend… for two reasons: 1) It went unseen and unmentioned on NBC’s limited coverage of the event, and 2) It was one of only 3 predictions I got right. Which puts my batting average at a pitiful .250 and makes me instantly jealous of Aaron over at Axels, Loops and Spins going 8-for-12 ;-)


Sharon said...

Hey Kelli,
NBC better get on the bandwagon with our dancers and with McLaughlin/Brubaker! Because they are the ones who are going to make the grade this season. If Mc/B skate clean, I say they can be on the World podium. They are incredible and the best pairs team we've had in a long time...a long, long time. I'm not impressed with our ladies, reserving judgment on the men, yet.

Aaron said...

I agree Sharon!

What you didn't see on NBC was there was far more Belbin and Agosto and McLaughling and Brubaker signs hanging around that arena than any of the ladies they showed live (save Yu-Na Kim and her complete rally squad!). They really need to give Dance and Pairs more attention given it's growing popularity amongst fans.

Aaron said...

Also...8 for 12...and it would have been better if not for 1/6 of a turn cheated jumps!