Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ms. Maxwell, We're Ready For Your Close-Up

Introducing… a new recurring feature at State of the Skate!

(Didn’t know I had any OLD recurring features? Don’t worry… just go with it.)

“Three Need-to-Know’s…” will showcase up-and-comers in U.S. figure skating. Or, in other words, I’ll be plucking facts/statements of interest from their profiles and putting pretty bullet points on them. Then, when you see them on TV in the final flight of Nationals in a year or two, you can point to the screen and tell your friends “Would you believe her favorite pigout food is Doritos?”

Or something like that.

Let’s start with a showcase on Angela Maxwell, a 16-year old from Arlington, TX who recently won silver at JGP Czech Republic. Three Need-to-Know’s…

+ She “cuts her own music,” meaning she probably makes all her own skating music choices. So when you hear her current free skate music—to the theme from the Japanese TV series Inuyasha—know that you’re loving or hating it courtesy of Ms. Maxwell herself.

+ After skating, she hopes to go to college and become a forensic scientist. Oh, and one of her favorite TV shows is CSI. Coincidence…?

+ According to her profile, “Not many people know that she is half Japanese.” Angela… they do now!

So as we keep an eye on her for the future, here’s her short program from last year’s JGP Lake Placid as the
Clip of the Day. Not perfect, but it’s ambitious, she lands a decent triple toe-triple toe, and she’s got good control of her hands. Watch and see.


Aaron said...

Angela kind of reminds of...well...Angela actually. Angela Nikodinov that is. Something about her skating just makes me think of her. I think it might be the way her hqir falls on her face...maybe?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea! Angela was born in Arlington, Tx but is actually from Hurst, Texas.

Kelli Lawrence said...

Thanks for the update about Hurst! Those IceNetwork profiles can only hold so much hometown info, I guess...

Interesting comparison on the 2 skaters, Aaron. Maybe it's a certain "angelic" quality? ;-)