Friday, March 11, 2011

Dube/Davison, Zhang/Toth, Bereswill/Young All Part Ways

This week—or more accurately, Thursday—the North American pair breakups happened in threes…

First one I heard about was Felicia Zhang and Taylor Toth, who were the 2010 U.S. Junior Champions (they were to compete as seniors this past Nationals but withdrew due to injury). They were together for about two years, finished 9th at Junior Worlds last year, and competed at Skate America and TEB earlier this past season (finishing 7th and 5th, respectively). I thought this would be because Zhang was going to focus on her singles career, but apparently both she and Toth are looking for new partners.
Here’s the Ice Network update.

Perhaps Zhang should consider Trevor Young, for he and his pairs partner (of one year) Becky Bereswill also made
at least one headline today with their breakup. The team finished 10th at 2011 U.S. Nationals, a result that was apparently “disappointing” (gee, just when I was thinking a Top 10 finish your first time out was admirable). I’d say Toth could consider a team-up with Bereswill… except, according to the article, she’s considering a career in ice dancing. Seems like a waste of perfectly good training in the ways of the death spiral and press lifts, but oh well. At age 20, I hope she can find herself in this sport soon.

In between learning of the above two breakups, I took note of perhaps the most significant split… not just of today but in quite a while: Canada’s Jessica Dube and Bryce Davison were one of the more successful Canadian pairs in recent memory;it was a 9-year relationship that resulted in two Olympic appearance, a Skate America victory in 2007 and World Bronze later that same season, in 2008. But
they, too, are parting ways as of now. Sounds like it was Dube’s idea in this case, but of course they’ve been absent this season anyway due to a bone chip on Davison’s part. At ages 23 and 25, time will tell if either of them finds a new partner a la Megan Duhamel (or Craig Buntin before her)… but it sounds like Dube wants to pursue her singles career a little more, at least. She was 6th in the ladies event at Canadian Nationals two months ago.

I’m making that 2008 Worlds FS to Damien Rice’s “The Blower’s Daughter” the
Clip of the Day… lovely stuff there. I’m signing off for now before any more pairs get to thinking about their futures :-)

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