Friday, July 24, 2009

Spotlight on: Douglas Razzano

Seeing some of these names pop up at Liberty Open next week reminded me of a feature I haven’t done in a while… the “3 Need-to-Knows” on up and coming skaters.

So let’s learn what we should about Douglas Razzano, shall we? He just won the Mens’ Short Program over in Ashton, PA a few days ago; maybe we should be keeping our eyes on him…

Need-to-Know #1: He trains in Scottsdale, Arizona… not the biggest skating “hub” out there for certain, but with names like Doug Ladret (his coach) and Renee Roca (one of his choreographers), that’s probably changing…

Need-to-Know #2: He won the school spelling bee at Fees Middle School in 2003, and later placed second in the district. Cool. That means he’ll have no trouble spelling I-JUST-WIPED-THE-FLOOR-WITH-EVERYONE-IN-THE-LIBERTY-OPEN-SHORT-PROGRAM.

Need-to-Know #3: IceNetwork has apparently begun to have skaters list their “3 favorite” this and that… on Razzano’s list for 3 favorite beverages we have Starbucks (earlier he had established his favorite drink for “Anything from Starbucks”—wow, redundant much, Ice Network biographers?)… Naked Juice (embarrassed to say I had to look that up)… and Pomegranate Juice (relieved to say I did NOT have to look that up).

Unfortunately Razzano doesn’t have any Senior GP assignments, but if he keeps up the good work—and gets his quad more consistent—maybe we’ll see him there next year. Anyway, here’s his current SP to “Claire De Lune” as the
Clip of the Day.

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