Thursday, July 16, 2009

Key Skaters Turning Out For 2009 Liberty Open

A figure skating competition in July either sounds like an outstanding idea (especially if you’re braving 95-degree heat and need a place to cool off), or two steps down the plank of the ridiculous. I remember competing in a July competition—just one, though. “The Fourth of July Open” at the Robert Crown Center, Evanston, IL, probably in 1980. Not particularly memorable, except for the part where I couldn’t get to sleep the night before because people were shooting fireworks off in the street in to the wee hours. That was Grrrreat!

But a number of U.S. elite skaters (as well as at least one Canadian) are gathering this week in Ashton, PA for the Liberty Open… which seems to have become a North American test event in recent years. You know, where competitors go to test the frozen waters with new programs, work out the kinks, get videotaped from a location that frequently catches a sign on the plexiglass saying (on a “good” day) WATCH FOR FLYING PUCKS…

As exhibit A, I present to you my
Clip of the Day-- Alissa Czisny trying out her “Dr. Zhivago” FS at last summer’s Liberty Open. I wonder how much, at the time, she believed it was possible she could win Nationals with that program?

Here are some of the more recognizable names scheduled to compete over the next few days (NOTE- the event does not seem to include ice dancing…? If I’m wrong on that please correct me, but I couldn’t find anything about it on the schedule)…

Patrick Chan
Ryan Bradley
Stephen Carriere
Ross Miner
Keegan Messing
Armin Mahbanoozadeh

Ashley Wagner
Alexe Gilles
Kristine Musademba
Joelle Forte

Amanda Evora/Mark Ladwig
Tracy Tanovich/Michael Chau

Any video from the event will probably have to come from You Tube personal contributions, much as was the case last year. I’ll keep a lookout for it, as I will for the results of course.

If you’d like to look up more about the event itself, you can do so

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