Monday, July 27, 2009

Lambiel's the Latest on the "Don't-Call-It-A-Comeback" Olympic List

As we add one more well-known name to the list of skaters back in the Olympic hunt, I thought I’d take this opportunity to lay out all the players and their respective “Why return?” quotes side by side…

Sasha Cohen: “The whole magic of the Olympics is coming up. I want to challenge myself. I think I have enough inside of me… The challenge of being on the Olympic platform ... it's absolutely magical. I feel there is a lot in me I can work on and improve upon and even be a better skater than at the last two Olympic Games."

Shen/Zhao: "To become Olympic champions has always been our dream. Since we still have the ability to compete for the gold, we hope to realise the dream."

Evgeny Plushenko: "As for an Olympic medal, I'd be pleased with any, regardless of the color. But, obviously, I'm coming back to win."

Stephane Lambiel (who announced his return
over the weekend: "I feel really good, both physically and mentally, and I am determined, downright eager, to take on the Olympic challenge and score a top result in Vancouver."

In other words, all we need now is Buttle to decide he’s got “enough inside of him” too, and a replay of the 2006 Games can’t be far behind!

Lambiel’s SP from Torino to get you started down the right path for that…

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