Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Worlds 2012: Wednesday in Review

Want to get a gander at my notes from Wednesday's events? Here's what I wrote up about some of the top pairs...

(and let me know if anything needs explaining!)

Marley/Brubaker SP: SBS 3T good, 3twist looked a little like a save... throw 3lutz(?) good, if a little low... But great start! 59.62

Denney/Coughlin SP: Beautiful 3twist... good SBS 3T... throw 3F good (unlike at Nats). John immediately pecks Caydee on cheek when they finish. Very happy! 62.48

Takahasi/Tran SP: I love this version of "Imagine"... SBS 3sal good... 3twist good... throw 3sal may be 2ftd? Very nice death spiral at end. 65.37

Kav/Smir SP: SBS 3T good, 3twist small collision, nice throw 3Lo. Nice positions on lift but big FALL/crash by both on exit. Yikes! Too bad; they had a pretty good one going till that. 59.59… murmur murmur. They look stunned & numb. And are behind MarBru.

Lari/Bara SP Tosca… very rough SBS 3T (someone doubles?) he stumbles out of his… nice 3twist… throw 3F good… is this a new SP? Really nice entrance into lift, nice positions. Afraid this will beat D/C if only on components… oh, and they fell on ending pose! Will that count?? 65.02. It did not count apparently… no deductions. Hmmm. More murmuring. Too high.

Berton/Hotarek SP: Harlem Nocturne… good SBS 3T… pretty low 3twist… throw 3sal? Low but landed… 60.39 new SB for them.

Volo/Trank SP: Bring me Back to Life… 3twist very high but looked like a hard check on the landing… SBS 3T very good… throw 3F? 2ft HE FELL on d.spiral… WTF is happening w/freak falls and the Russians today??? Ooh are they upset. He can’t look at her… I’m sure mad at himself. On replay it looks like he could have nicked her in the forehead… I guess not though. 60.48 is about 12 points off best. He can’t look. Audible gasp from crowd. AND… there goes my prediction for gold. Buhbye.

Duhamel/Radford SP Concierto… good 3twist… SBS 3lz he FELL… lift good… throw 3? Good right at end. 63.69 is new SB. A little surprising considering the fall?

Sui/Han… SP triple twist good… SBS 3T she FALLS… throw 3F Good as usual. 63.27.

Sav/Szol SP Angels & Demons… throw 3ax 2ft... 3twist good… he stumbles out of SBS 3T… They’ll still be in lead, easy… 68.63. not SB but good enough.

Pang/Tong… nice tepid response, folks. Nocturne… SBS 3T he stepped out… 3twist great… throw 3Lo good; slight 2-ft? Positions on lifts could be more extended I think. Kinda sleepy performance, but nice return nonetheless. 67.10 Welcome back.

And here's something similar for the top dance teams...

Hubbell/Donohue SD: Good; I think she bumbled her twizzles at very end. 59.56… way up for SB.

Didn’t see Coomes/Buckland SD… (wanted to, though)

Bobrova/Soloviev SD… she FELL while he was turning her… guess it’s that crumbly ice again.
Big news is that Carron/Jones were a shocking 13th after their SD and have missed “the cut” to qualify for FD. Reportedly Marina Anissina’s jaw fell to the floor. Australians Q’d over them… that’s indeed pretty major.

Weaver/Poje seem to be very pleased with their SD; they should finally take the lead from Hubbell/Donohue after this… 66.47 new SB by a hair.

Cappellini/Lanotte SD: very nice triple twizzles… did well.

Ilinykh/Katsalapov basically OK but still seemed uninspired. Finished behind music but prolly not enough for deduction? I read that they are very good… so much for what I know!

D/W looked flawless to me, and wow I think they changed that last lift yet again… 70.98 but it’s about 5-6 off SB… murmurs again?

Oh Boy now it’s V/M: looked spot-on too… 72.31… and their SB AND they’re ahead by about 1.6… Wong says levels came into play on D/W’s score.

Shib Sibs: great too; nice not to see him doubled over this time.62.35 oooh… not kind.

Pech/Bour:.. did fine as far as I could tell 69.13… SB


I'll take more notes tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Wha~t ?? Nothing about TakaTran ??

Kelli Lawrence said...

Oh, nuts... I forgot that my notes on MarBru, D/C, and TakaTran were by hand! Sorry... (I didn't have Word up when they skated) I'll type it up and add it in!