Monday, March 26, 2012

Worlds 2012 Preview: Dance Predictions

Ice dancing time is upon us! Predictions...

GOLD: Davis/White, USA
SILVER: Virtue/Moir, CAN
BRONZE: Pechalat/Bourzat, FRA

If you read this blog with any regularity, you know I’ve discussed and/or debated the merits of D/W and V/M—not to mention their respective current free dances—all season long, and you probably know where I stand on “the issue” (while freely admitting I don’t understand many of ice dancing’s unique nuances). So as for this prediction… I’m simply going to say that I think D/W’s free dance showcases their strengths better than V/M’s showcases their strengths.

As for bronze—I believe the official news is that Pechalat/Bourzat WILL compete for sure, broken nose and all. I have no idea how such an injury will affect them in such a major competition, though it’s probably a good thing that they’ve had several days to adjust (hey, it could’ve happened after they arrived in Nice!). But, especially after last year’s podium-repelling stumble, I’m rooting for them to defeat what is likely to be some very stiff competition from Weaver/Poje (and the Shib Sibs too, though I’d be surprised to see them defeat both the French and Canadians for bronze this time).

By the way—I meant to post the winning free skates from 2000 Worlds (the last time it was held in Nice) as I went along… so…
this is the FS from Petrova/Tikhonov
Not one of my fave pairs ever, I must admit--

this is the Free Dance from Anissina/Peizerat which won gold 12 years back.
(I liked them a little better.)

Predictions continue tomorrow!

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sara.raju said...

Fingers crossed for D/W! I'm almost more excited for the battle for bronze. I'm rooting for Weaver and Poje I think. Their free skate is awesome, and I keep finding myself humming it for days after I watch.