Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Worlds 2012 Preview: Men's Predictions

If you caught any of today’s events (Pairs SP and Short Dance)… or heard about them… you know my predictions are so far about as spot-on as they’ve ever been. If by “spot-on” you mean hilariously incorrect, that is.

Nonetheless, here’s my last stab at ‘em… Les Hommes (The Men):

GOLD: Patrick Chan, CAN
SILVER: Daisuke Takahashi, JPN
BRONZE: Michal Brezina, CZE

Chan is the darling of components darlings at this point… even if he makes several technical errors, I’m afraid I have next to no confidence that an element-superior Takahashi will defeat him. Is that one of the Problems in This Sport right now? Well in my opinion… yes it is.

Now suppose Chan gives another lights-out performance or two that offers little or nothing to complain about. Can Dice-K match him? Component-wise, I say yes. But unfortunately Dice-K hasn’t been consistent enough with the quads…

I picked Brezina because he’s been 4th two years running… his technique is highly impressive… and he has two quads in his arsenal.

But, I desperately want to see Jeremy Abbott get a medal… his programs are too outstanding this year for less. (I’m only WISHING this, for fear that I’ll jinx the chance)

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