Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2012 Worlds Preview: Ladies Predictions

QUICK PROGRAMMING NOTE! Apparently the IceNetwork streaming times I posted earlier this week were NOT correct, as they were NOT adjusted for Daylight Saving Time. So you’ll either want to subtract an hour from that list, or check out this adjusted one over at IceNetwork.

It’s now time for some Singles predictions… ladies first:

GOLD: Carolina Kostner, ITA
SILVER: Mao Asada, JPN
BRONZE: Alena Leonova, RUS

Why Kostner? Because in spite of her most obvious weakness (the lack of a triple lutz), she’s been consistently at the top of her class all season long… and even when her jumps falter, she’s been a component darling with the judges for years. (That used to bug me, but I happen to think she’s earned it now.)

Why Asada for silver… especially when she’s resurrected her triple axel? Because I just haven’t seen it strong enough yet to be a reliable “weapon.” If she happens to nail at least one, then look out… but considering she finished way down in 6th place at this event a year ago, silver would (I hope) be considered a marked improvement, especially in such a personally tumultuous year.

Why Leonova for bronze? Because compared to others that could theoretically be in the running for it—including Czisny, Makarova, Murakami, Suzuki, and Wagner—Leonova seems the most reliable these days. If this holds true, I see Murakami, Suzuki and Wagner rounding out the top 6 (not necessarily in that order). As for the U.S. ladies… I’ll restrain my optimism just a bit. Rather than predict a medal for one of them, I’ll cross fingers for a 5th place (for, let’s say… Wagner) and a 7th place (Czisny), easily adding up to the under-13 needed to send 3 Americans to Worlds 2013.

One more round of predictions tomorrow night… pairs SP coverage starts bright and early (for North Americans, anyway) tomorrow morning!

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