Sunday, March 18, 2012

Worlds 2012 Preview, Rhyming-Verse Style

Twas the week before Worlds, and all ‘round the globe
Competitors wait with the patience of Job
To travel to Nice, where they hope it’s so nice
To skate before millions, alone, on the ice.

The sequins and spandex are hanging with care
As are Abbott’s suspenders and the barrette from Meryl’s hair.
Makarova’s jewels, and Kostner’s unitard
Await their last chance to wear pretty and play hard.

Coaches, choreographers, families and friends
Can’t wait to say words like “Merci” and “Bien”
While the hard-working athletes they know so well
Pray THIS is the time everything will gel.

For some it’s their first time representing with pride
And they’re doing their best to take it in stride…
Caluza, Hubbell/Donahue, Ralph/Hill
All are rookies to Worlds, surely looking to thrill

For some, chances for redemption await…
Maybe Czisny, Suzuki, or Leonova will skate
In ways that let the jumping gods settle
With reckless precision that results in a medal

And how ‘bout Joubert, World Champ from years past?
Could this event really be his last?
Or will fans be more concerned to see
Kevin van der Perren… “qu’est-ce que tu fais ici?” *

But for every veteran sits somebody in pain
Forced to give up spot in this year’s Worlds game
Kiira Korpi , we’re looking at you
And Plushy,
the surgery … ah yes… boo hoo

As for Pechalat/Bourzat, the home-country faves
Uncertain to compete—we’d watch them and wave
If it wasn’t so painful to look at the woes
That come with a
twizzle-induced broken nose *

On Hanyu, on Brezina, Kozuka, and Chan!
On Duhamel/Redford, Takahashi/Tran!
To the podium steps, or somewhere quite near
So the numbers add up to get three for next year

All COP and judging issues aside,
The 2012 Worlds should be a fun ride
So with the press en route, and bloggers in place,
And websites on stand-by… (aw, cut to the chase!)

Predictions to come in the next few days,
Followed by updates and observational ways
Of a lifelong fan and the sport she holds dear…
Enjoy Worlds—but come back to State of the Skate now, ya hear?

* van der Perren previously stated that 2012 European Championships would be his final Olympic-eligible event... but due to an injury that kept him out of Euros, his final event is now (presumably) 2012 Worlds.


sara.raju said...

Haha, great job Kelli! Must've taken a long time to come up with rhymes for some of these :)

Kelli Lawrence said...

I definitely left some (rhyming) holes to fill as I went along...


Thanks Sara!