Wednesday, January 28, 2015

2015 U.S. Nationals Post-Mortem: Most-Improved Roll Call!

I’ve got a few statistic-ish things to tide you over until I get a longer post written about 2015 U.S. Nationals:

Number of senior men who broke 200 with their total score THIS YEAR: 13. LAST YEAR: only 10. Take that, quad-hungry media!! (she says somewhat facetiously)
But we'll get to that another time.

Most notable points-gainers among the MEN between last year’s and this year’s Nats:
Silver medalist Adam Rippon (from 222.19 to 272.48)
9th place Grant Hochstein (from 198.50 to 230.28)
12th place Sean Rabbitt (from 183.34 to 211.24)

Most notable points-gainers among the LADIES:
Gold medalist Ashley Wagner (from 182.74 to 221.02)
6th place Mariah Bell (from 149.44 to 180.25)

Most notable points-gainers among the PAIRS:
5th place Calalang/Sidhu (from 151.65 to 174.32)
Gold medalists Scimeca/Knierim (from 189.67 to 210.49)
Silver medalists H.Denney/Fraizer (from 181.59 to 199.92)
Bronze medalists Kayne/O’Shea (from 173.89 to 185.31)

On this one, it’s worth mentioning that none of the 2014 podium pairs—Castelli/Shnapir, Zhang/Bartholomay, and C. Denney/Coughlin—were competing this time, and those that finished 1-2-3 this year were 4-5-6 (in the same order) last year. But also worth mentioning is that Calalang/Sidhu were all the way down in 11th a year ago.

As for the remains of those 2014 top teams? Marissa Castelli/Mervin Tran finished 6th... Nate Bartholomay and his new partner, Gretchen Donlan, were 7th... and Simon Shnapir landed in 8th with new partner Dee Dee Leng.

Finally, the most notable points-gainers among the DANCE teams (sorry, I rounded these points rather than left them intact):

12th place Ponomaryova/Altukhov (from 74 to 98)
7th place Gamelin/Gamelin (from 113 to 131)
5th place Cannuscio/McManus (from 141 to 156)

As for our Top 4? Interesting story there too:

Gold medalists Chock/Bates went from 181 in ’14 to 185 this year—gain of 4 points 
Silver medalists Shibutani/Shibutani went from 170 to 181— a gain of 11 points
Bronze medalists Hubbell/Donohue went from 168 to 165— a LOSS of 3 points
Pewter medalists Hawayek/Baker went from 152 (at the Junior level) to 162—a gain of 10 points

And by the way, a special thank you to Jason Brown for making at least ONE of my podium predictions, aside from all the Dance guesses, accurate! (Only 5 for 16-- yikes!!)

How about you? Did your dream podium turn up somewhere over the weekend? Comments are welcome! As for me—whew. Still sorting all that excitement out in my head and repeated viewings of stuff, let alone via blog post! But I’ll be back with something else to say about it all in a few days.

In the meantime, European Championships have already started! Go hunt down a feed and see who’s winning!


sara.raju said...

SOSOSOSO happy for Ashley! Did anyone else feel like in all her interviews Gracie seemed like she had a chip on her shoulder?

Also can't believe the French team beat out Cap/Lan at Euros! I mean I'm glad but still feels crazy! Also wondering what happened to Ilinykh/Zhiganshin in the FD.

Kelli Lawrence said...

Boy did I get my Ashley/Gracie prediction wrong, huh??

The French team continues to have the biggest breakout season in recent history... since dance isn't my forte, I can't help but wonder if they've improved as much as the results reflect or if there's a certain degree of bandwagon/hype involved. (I DO like them very much though, so I hope that's not it!) As for I/Z, I haven't watched yet but heard they had twizzle issues and also had trouble with a lift, among other things...