Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Five Things To Know in Skating News This Week

I’m bumming a bit today because the SOI tour is cruising through my town (probably wrapping up their performance as I post this), and my husband’s employer isn’t as giving with the comp tickets as they used to be… so here I sit instead.

But lest I seem ungrateful for the opportunity to blog, here are some links to things you may find interesting…

+ Have I already mentioned the documentary being planned by U.S. Figure Skating on the 1961 plane crash en route to Worlds? You can check
this link to find out more about the film, including its planned title and release date.

+ Remember the news that U.S. Champion Rachael Flatt has decided to attend Stanford Univerity? She has now also announced that she plans to defer enrollment for one year, meaning she’ll presumably continue training in Colorado Springs for the 2010-11 season. Guess she’d like to see if she can defend her national title head-on at least once without the pressures of academia…

+ Speaking of contenders for that U.S. ladies title: IceNetwork is currently running a nice piece on bronze medalist
Ashley Wagner, who among other things has been working like a dog to re-master her triple lutz—or should I say triple flutz—to reduce both the possibility of downgrades next season as well as the possibility of taking a tumble. The latter is what arguably cost her a spot on the Olympic team when she fell on the lutz in the SP at Nationals. No word on her new music choices yet, though I believe the words “slinky” and “jazzy” came up when discussing the new SP.

+ With no apparent end in sight to his 15 minutes of fame, Johnny Weir will reportedly give new meaning to his Pop Star on Ice moniker when he records (yes, records) a tune called “Dirty Love”… according to
this article , anyway. Are you searching ITunes at the mere thought? Yes, I figured as much.

Ironically, the last skater I heard about doing something like this was none other than Canada’s Master of Machismo,
Elvis Stojko. (Click on his name to see the results of that effort, which I might as well make the Clip of the Day…) Let’s see if Weir can grab some bragging rights on record sales, at least, when all is said and done.

+ And finally, in case you haven’t been following Dancing with the Stars… Evan Lysacek continues to tear it up over there on ABC, so his hellacious part L.A./part on the SOI tour bus life continues for at least another week. Oh, and have you heard that he and Weir are
“at war”? Just as in days of old, when the two sat on opposite sides of Andrea Joyce on an NBC telecast and never looked at each other… somebody please, PLEASE find these guys a patch of snow so they can have a new pissing contest and be done with it already… good Lord. Way to take a good post-Olympic publicity season a bit too far, guys.

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