Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tweets From the SOI Tour: East Coast Edition

While for now I cheerfully remain one of the world’s non-Tweeters (aka one who posts things via Twitter), I enjoy the little window it provides on those of the elite skating world. So just as I posted collections of Tweets from U.S. Nationals and Olympics… I now offer up this collection from three skaters currently working the Stars on Ice tour (and three that are among the more prolific)… it’s pretty interesting to get a little sense of their personalities via these limited character posts.

I throw in the occasional commentary, in italics.

EVAN LYSACEK…the hardest-working skater in show business

· Crazy couple days. Taking a redeye to DC tonight for stars on ice. Can't wait to skate again!!
9:05 PM Apr 7th
(This came shortly after confirmation that he’s moved on to the next round of DWTS…)

· My fingers are crossed that I can get some sleep on this flight. I'm in dire need.
10:20 PM Apr 7th
· Just arrived in DC. There was a cute baby on our flight.
3:48 AM Apr 8th
(I’m wondering if that was code for “I didn’t get ANY sleep on that flight”)

· Eating honey nut cheerios for dinner on the bus. So ready for a few hrs of sleep!
7:47 PM Apr 8th
(So, um, how long do y’all think Evan can keep this up? He’s an Olympic Gold Medalist but he’s not Superman…)

· Just arrived in NY. Off to training.
about 14 hours ago
(… or IS he?!?!)

JEREMY ABBOTT… the relative rookie

· @
Meryl_Davis and I just had a Disney sing-a-long moment through Tampa security. She's such a princess!
· For those non believes... This was pure spontaneous, unprovoked, real life between @
Meryl_Davis and myself! 5:12 AM Apr 5th
(If you follow Jeremy with any regularity of late, you already know that he and Meryl Davis seem to hang out together quite a bit…)

· It's an amazing day outside! Going to have lunch with @
meryl_davis in SOHO! :) 10:18 AM Apr 6th

· Leaving NYC! I had tons of fun with @
Meryl_Davis and all my local friends! Miss you guys! :) 1:15 PM Apr 7th
(He’s still in good spirits at this point…)

· Delayed in NJ :( I wanna get in bed already! I wish I could wiggle my nose and be in DC!
4:07 PM Apr 7th

· I'm tweeting sweet nothings at @
Meryl_Davis :) 6:47 PM Apr 7th via Echofon

· I hate not being able to sleep! I gotta put on a great show for you all tomorrow! It is of course all for you! :)
10:52 PM Apr 7th
(Where art thou good spirits…)

· Todd Eldridge and @
mirai_nagasu are separated by a @CharlieaWhite in age! @Meryl_Davis is credited for this discovery! 4:01 PM Apr 9th
(I just found this pretty hilarious, so I’m including it)

· I hate this freaking bus! I can't sleep at all and I'm starting to get really pissed off!!!
about 16 hours ago
(Good spirits apparently missed the bus and haven't caught up yet)

· In East Rutherford, New Jersey. I am sore, tired, hungry, and cranky! Hopefully I will be full and caffeinated by show time!
about 6 hours ago
(Ah, the glamorous life!)

· I dropped it like it was hot tonight... Maybe a little too hot! (I split my pants!)
about 2 hours ago
(Well that sounds like a turn for the better…hee)

BEN AGOSTO… the laid-back one

· Sitting here watching @
Jeremyabbotpcf tweet at @Meryl_davis while sitting next to each other...cute 4:48 AM Apr 5th

· Bumming around nyc check out this view from IMG's new office! 9:33 AM Apr 6th via UberTwitter
(Sweet! If his photo links still work from here, that is)

· Ohhhh yes!!!! Heavan in burger format :) 11:59 AM Apr 6th via UberTwitter

· My world is crumbling!! When did elmo grow to be the same size as cookie monster?!!! 6:24 AM Apr 7th
(Darn steroids…)

· We have the coolest driver today for our media... He's a 60 y/o Asian man who just answered his phone, "yo!"
9:25 AM Apr 7th

(How bizarre... I had a similar driver for MY media!!)

· Don't make me angry...I have a very hard head! 1:22 PM Apr 7th via UberTwitter
(Yeah, right… I think Jeremy did that, not Ben)

It’ll be interesting to see how the ups and downs even out… or don’t… as the tour makes its way across the country over the next 6 weeks. While the bunk-on-the-bus thing surely gets old quickly, I’d like to think everyone on tour is able to adapt in fairly short order. I’ll try to post an SOI update in a week or two.

For the
Clip of the Day I’ve got the “Bleeding Love” number from the Belgosto catalog… this was from last season of SOI; not sure if it’s still part of the show but they were using it back at the Nationals Gala in January. I’ve heard some say this program is more “pure Tanith and Ben” than any of their recent competitive work… Hmmm.


Sharon said...

Hey Kelli, I was able to attend the Orlando SOI was great. I went to see D/W live and it didn't disappoint, they were amazing. btw, Tanith and Ben's new number for SOI is perfection...infinitely better than their competitive numbers and just a joy to watch. They do three costume changes DURING the program and the song is adorable (Jason Marz's "If it kills me"). D/W, B/A, Evan and Jeremy were worth the price of the ticket alone.

Kelli Lawrence said...

Hey Sharon, long time no see! :-)

Glad you got to see SOI already, and that the show was as stellar as it sounds. I'll have to see if anyone posts the Belgosto program, even if it's a home vid...

Lotta said...

I like that there are six tweets about Meryl Davis in Jeremy's twitter. XD