Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Coming S.O.T.S. Attractions

This is the third post-season the blog has endured, and it’s always a strange time in April—like sitting in an arena when it’s pulsing with activity and excitement, and still sitting there after it clears out in record time. But it’s my first time for doing the blog in an Olympic season, so the contrast is even more profound.

The lovely noise was sustained for weeks and weeks; my ears continue to ring as a result. They perk up a little every Monday, as Dancing with the Stars puts Lysacek through his paces. They stay tuned for Johnny Weir’s next sound bite. They burn at the news of this team’s breakup, that team’s coaching switch, the Surprise Retirement, and the not as surprising Taking a Break from Competition.

But even these nuggets become few and far between during most off-seasons, so it’d be easy to say our collective ears become enveloped in a certain kind of silence between now and October. How can that be true, though, when we love a sport as musical as this one? Firebird can involuntarily flood my brain at any given time, after all.

So don’t worry—there’s plenty to talk about. Here’s a sampling of what you might see around here in the next several months (be sure to speak up if something in particular strikes your fancy):

+ More from POGGS (Post Olympic-Grad Skating School)
+ More SOI Twitter updates
+ Class of ’10 Awards, which will include Olympic AND Worlds happenings
+ The Reruns… re-visiting each major competition of the past season and studying how each result shaped the season to come
+ More about my book Skating on Air (have you become a fan of it on Facebook yet?)
+ Notes about the Universal Sports “studio coverage” of Worlds (the one hosted by Peter Carruthers)…
+ And, for those still interested, notes about the Universal studio show that ran during the Olympics (the one hosted by Terry Gannon)
+ My 2nd annual State of the Skate Address (ooh, aahh)
+ Should they stay or should they go? Debates
+ News about the skaters you know
+ News about the skaters you may not know
+ 2010 Grand Prix assignments

And of course, much much more… even vintage stuff like this. Stick around...

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