Sunday, February 21, 2010

Vancouver: Original Dance Notes, part 1

Here's what we've got sofar; part 2 comes tomorrow!


THEME: American Country Dance…


Yes if you’re a Dixie Chicks fan

HIGHLIGHTS/LOWLIGHTS? Cute and engaging throughout; Tracy seems impressed with their overall skating skills.

IF THIS OD WAS A WILD INTERNATIONAL PARTY… she is an extra from Sweethearts of the Rodeo and he is… Woody from Toy Story (OK, I’m stealing that idea from Evan’s own Tweet)

SCORES: 53.99 New season best! THEY PULL UP TO 11TH.


THEME: French Can Can

RECOGNIZABLE MUSIC? At least some of it should have reminded you of hinge-kicks

HIGHLIGHTS/LOWLIGHTS? I have to say I was underwhelmed overall. When I first heard they were doing this I thought now THAT might rival some of my other favorites. But for whatever reason (not enough time, as Tracy indicated?)… it didn’t..

IF THIS OD WAS A WILD INTERNATIONAL PARTY… he’d be the moody poet playing his fake accordion in the corner, and she’d be the flirty girl who overdressed and yet still could not attract his attention.

SCORES: 58.67 Could’ve been much better. STAY IN 6TH

NOTE: these “mug shots” of the skaters being used on the live score coverage at are hysterical. What crimes did these athletes commit to get such unflattering pictures??


THEME: American Country Dance

RECOGNIZABLE MUSIC? Well, Johnny Cash music has “been everywhere”, has it not?
HIGHLIGHTS/LOWLIGHTS? Non-touching step sequence good… twizzles not so good… anytime she “lifts/flips” him is good… the end “stop” is still awesome.

IF THIS OD WAS A WILD INTERNATIONAL PARTY… She’d be sent back to her dorm to change into longer pants, and when she returned, John would be engulfed surrounded by women wanting him to confirm Sinead was only his sister.

SCORES: 56.76 Oh… sigh. STILL IN 8th.


THEME: Italian Folk Dance

RECOGNIZABLE MUSIC? Maybe if one frequents open-air markets surrounded by musicians playing for spare lire

HIGHLIGHTS/LOWLIGHTS? The castanets should get a mention…Non-touching sequence looked very clean…overall very comfortable feel

IF THIS OD WAS A WILD INTERNATIONAL PARTY… they would be mistaken for gypsies, and one would come up with a deck of tarot cards when they realized they could charge $10 a pop

SCORES: 60.18. Will they defeat Dombalin here too? THEY STAY IN 5th.


THEME: Aboriginal

RECOGNIZABLE MUSIC? Not even Aboriginal groups seem willing to admit to recognizing it.

HIGHLIGHTS/LOWLIGHTS? Highlight—when it ended. Oh, and when Tom candidly asked “So aside from them looking ridiculous, how does it affect the judging?” LOL

Anyway, here’s a theory: the whole idea was for us to focus on the nonsensical stuff about their performance so we wouldn’t notice the mediocrity of the actual dance—the lack of speed in parts, the over-reliance on “cutesy” moves, simplicity of steps…

IF THIS OD WAS A WILD INTERNATIONAL PARTY… They would be the “hired entertainment” who’d be sent packing when guests complained about the lettuce disappearing from the salad (and it “somehow” traced back to them)

SCORES: 62.84. DROP to 3rd. Don’t seem to care.
(Part 2 continues tomorrow morning)...

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Anonymous said...

talk about inflating those Canadian scores. First Patrick's LP now Virtue & Moir. When was the last time you saw a team's original dance that was scored over FOUR points higher than their last competition (I believe they got 64 at Grand Prix final)??? Now Joannie is going to get 70 in her sp simply because one her mom died and two Olympics is in Canada. Figure skating is becoming a joke! It's the judging like this that figure skating fan base shrinks every year!