Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Updates: Finlandia and Grand Prix TV Coverage

Suddenly there’s so much to talk about, and that’s not even counting predictions for this year’s TEB… which I guess I’ll have to post tomorrow evening…whew!

Skating’s “pre-season” wrapped up over the weekend with, among other events, the Finlandia Trophy. The event (which only competes mens/ladies/dance—NO pairs) proved a fine testing ground for winner Daisuke Takahashi, as I mentioned last time. First time back on the international circuit (I think?) after being out all last season, and he’s looking stick-pin sharp. As with the ladies, that pool of highest quality male skaters over in Japan is getting mighty deep! (Understanding that the ladies of Japan have surpassed “deep pool” stage and moved to something that closer resembles a lagoon.)

Alena Leonova was the winner on the ladies’ side; not really an upset except for the thought/hope that Fumie Suguri would at least be somewhere in the medal hunt. (She wasn’t; she was only 7th.)

Finlandia also proved a nice place for The Kerrs to sneak folks a peek at their dances for the new season-- Here’s their OD as the Clip of the Day.

Here are the results from the Finlandia website itself in case you want to know more.

I also wanted to provide a little update on the additional NBC coverage of GP events this season: for those of you who also have access to the Universal Sports Network (also owned by NBC), it will (usually) have additional GP coverage… but, I'm seeing conflicting information with regards to times, so here’s the Universal Sports Schedule, to see what you can see until I can get it straight!

Oh, and as for those in the broadcast booth… looks like Andrea Joyce and David Pelletier (of Sale & Pelletier) will be heard from on the NBC side. As for the Universal side—don’t be too surprised if you happen to hear former ABC/ESPN analyst Peter Carruthers at the mic. (Alas, Susie Wynne and Terry Gannon won’t be with him.)

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