Thursday, February 11, 2010

Making a Checklist For Vancouver Without Packing a Thing...

In studying the Twitter postings of some of the sport’s Vancouver-bound athletes over the past several days, I happened upon this one from current National champ (and, as it turns out, frequent Tweeter) Jeremy Abbott:

Skates, check! Costumes, check! Music, check! Passport, check! Kick ass winning attitude, HUGE check!

Which has inspired me to create my own…


+RSS Subscription link: check! I think

+Widget that takes you to the NBC Olympics page: check! Though I don’t know how to size it better… sorry

+ Skating TV schedule rundown: coming soon

+ Place on here to find out more about my postcard club: also coming soon

+ Place on here to talk about my forthcoming skating-related book (!): ALSO coming soon

OK, back to things we can definitively check off…

+ Link to misleading skating-related headline of the day:
Check! (hint: the headline reads We need more scandals: Figure Skater (Jamie) Sale)

+ Link to judging-is-controversial headline of the day:

+ Link to token Plushenko-is-king headline:

+ Link to token Skating-Ratings-are-Toast headline:
Check… (and, sigh)

+ Link to Sasha Cohen’s U.S. Ladies-are-Toast headline:

+ Finally, the one you scrolled down for:
HotDogWars! (Yes, it’s figure skating related) CHECK!!

Are you ready for the next 2 weeks?!

Stay tuned for predictions, speculations, Twitterwatch, and much, much more!

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Melissa Unglaub said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date with what is going on in the Olympic skating world!