Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Between the Analysis: How to "Fan" my Upcoming Skating Book

I’m going to take advantage of this “dark” skating night to post a couple of things relatively quickly…

1) A brief book update: as some of you know I posted a little last week about my upcoming book release Skating on Air, which celebrates and studies the unique relationship between television and figure skating (particularly in regards to the Olympics). Thanks to
JCM’s suggestion (that would be Jumping Clapping Man, a splendid blogger if you haven’t discovered him already), I bit the bullet and went ahead with a Facebook page for it sooner rather than later.

So now there are three, three, THREE! ways to stay in the loop (should I start going old-school and saying “paragraph loop?”) as this book finds its way through the universe:

1) Become a fan of Skating on Air at Facebook—once you’re logged in, just search for it by name and you should find it (the “profile picture” isn’t there yet but I’ve got a temp one planned until the cover art is complete…

2) OR, contact me at
this email address and I'll put you on a mailing list for it…

3) OR, keep visiting State of the Skate for periodic updates, tidbits, teasers, etc.

And I’m still trying to figure out if/how I can post a Facebook widget in the sidebar here; if anyone has any expertise in that sort of thing please shoot a note my way! That stuff is really not my forte!

OK, if you got through all that stuff I have a treat for you… ready?

Enjoy this link about figure skating ”faces”!!

Back tomorrow! And thanks in advance for supporting the book!


jumping clapping man said...

Thanks for the props Kelli.

I'm on wordpress, so I can't answer your facebook widget question with too much clarity. But, here's link that may lead you to the truth.

At the least, you can create your own, as this person did (it's just an image, but LOOKS like a widget):

Lotta said...

Hell, everyone looks mad funny in the middle of a jump or spin. The worse has got to be Plushy. -_-

Gonna be a "fan" of your book now!