Friday, November 11, 2016

State of the 2016 Trophee de France: Men and Ladies Predictions

OKAY… single skating time at Trophee de France!


GOLD:  Javier Fernandez (ESP)
SILVER: Nathan Chen (USA)
BRONZE: Adam Rippon (USA)

DARK HORSE: Takahito Mura (JPN) or Denis Ten (KAZ)

In this week’s quad battle, the most noteworthy soldiers are a veteran (25 year-old Fernandez) and a newcomer to the senior GP (17 year-old Chen). If nerves don’t get to Chen (have they ever?) AND he’s fully recovered from surgery (I assume yes if he’s here??), I think he’ll be a fine runner-up… so long as Javi doesn’t get sloppy.

Interesting times for Adam… Friday is his 27th birthday I believe… and as he flew over to France for this event (during Election Day in the U.S. according to his Twitter feed), he surely was affected by the news that a man who is not held in high regard by the LGBTQ community (to say the least, and to say absolutely nothing of his moreso running mate) was just elected president. Will it be business as usual this weekend for our current U.S. champ? I hope so because his programs this season are marvelous in a whole different way than they were last year.

I have two DH’s here because Mura was a real study in hot & cold at his last event (great SP, forgettable FS) but the odds are in his favor at GP events I think… while Ten has gotta be everyone’s favorite GP wild card by now, right? So long as he’s not skating injured… I haven’t heard much about him lately. Anyone know?

And if ANY of the men I’ve mentioned falter, I hope Misha Ge can crack the top 5 at least. (But again, I think he’s battling injury…)


GOLD:  Evgenia Medvedeva (RUS)
SILVER: Wakaba Higuchi (JPN)
BRONZE: Maria Sotskova (RUS)

DARK HORSE: Gabrielle Daleman (CAN)

I’m not a fan of her free skate at this point, as I’ve stated, but if she skates anywhere close to the way she did at SkCAN Medvedeva’s looking at yet another victory. Her closest competition, in my estimation, is Higuchi (who won Lombardia Trophy already this year and was 2nd at Japan Nats) and Sotskova (who won Nepela Memorial already this year and was 5th at Russian Nats).

I’ve no idea how Gracie Gold is doing a mere 3 weeks past SkAM’s reality check, but I think a top-5 finish at this point would be just fine.

Daleman I have for DH because she’s “got the goods”, if she can deliver them.

NOTE: Look for a belated Rostelecom Review over the weekend!

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