Monday, December 8, 2014

2014 GPF: Who's in? Who's on stand-by? Who's getting replaced?

Where’d I go????

Sorry about that. It was a monster week last week (or since Thanksgiving). So much so, in fact, that I’m still catching up on watching key performances! Got a half-dozen to go before I feel qualified to string together a few sentences about NHK 2014.

In the meantime, I thought I should at least post who is in each discipline of the senior GP final.

MEN: Maxim Kovtun, Javier Fernandez, Tatsuki Machida, Takahito Mura, Sergei Voronov, Yuzuru Hanyu
ALTERNATES (in order): Jason Brown, Denis Ten, Nam Nguyen

LADIES: Elena Radionova, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, Anna Pogorilaya, Gracie Gold*, Julia Lipnitskaia, Ashley Wagner
ALTERNATES (in order): Rika Hongo, Satoko Miyahara, Kanako Murakami

* As you’ve probably heard by now, Gold has withdrawn from the Final, citing a stress fracture in her foot. Hongo, as first alternate, is taking her place. (Hongo wins a points tiebreaker with two-time GP bronze medalist Satoko Miyahara on account of Kato’s first-place finish at Rostelecom Cup.)

PAIRS: Stolbova/Klimov, Duhamel/Radford, Kavaguti/Smirnov, Peng/Zhang, Sui/Han, Yu/Jin
ALTERNATES (in order): Tarasova/Morozov, Denney/Frazier, Wang/Wang

DANCE: Chock/Bates, Weaver/Poje, Papadakis/Cizeron, Shibutani/Shibutani, Gilles/Poirier, Ilinykh/Zhiganshin
ALTERNATES (in order): Monko/Khaliavin, Hubbell/Donahue, Coomes/Buckland

(Those who qualified for the Junior GP Final I reported on back in October; those names can be found here .)

The GP/JGP Final action takes place in Barcelona this coming weekend. Got an opinion about who’s in the Final? Who isn’t in? Or do you have something in particular you’d like me to address about NHK? The comments section is ready and waiting for all of the above...

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