Tuesday, December 3, 2013

From Nebelhorn to Ice Challenge... The Best of the 2013 "B"'s

While we wait for the Grand Prix (and Junior GP) Final to get underway later this week, I’ve rounded up all the winners of the “B” events thus far this fall. Some I’ve discussed in previous posts; some events, such as Golden Spin of Zagreb (featuring Kim Yu-Na) haven’t happened yet. But in the interest of checking out all that has been happening around the world (OK, Europe) in the shadow of GP events, here you go.

Although I’m not including point totals with these gold-silver-bronze listings, I’ve boldfaced every finish that had a point total that would have put the skater (in theory, anyway) into the top 10 of their discipline at 2013 Worlds. There’s not a lot of them—only 12 finishes out of the 60 listed here—but it helps to separate the contenders from the rest of the pack. Please note that Tomas Verner is among them. Twice!

By the way, my predictions for the GPF itself will be up... um... sometime before the first senior event starts. Tick-tock, I know...

MEN: Oda (JPN), Brown (USA), J.Ten (CAN)
LADIES: Radionova (RUS), Ando (JPN), Cain (USA)
PAIRS: Volosozhar/Trankov (RUS), Wende/Wende (GER), Vartmann/Van Cleave (GER)
DANCE:  Hubbell/Donohue (USA), Monko/Khaliavin (RUS), Paul/Islam (CAN)

MEN: Verner (CZE), Mura (JPN), Liebers (GER)
LADIES: Imai (JPN), Gosviiani (RUS), Gao (USA)
PAIRS: Donlan/Speroff (USA), Martyusheva/Rogonov (RUS), Scimeca/Knierim (USA)
DANCE: Coomes/Buckland (GBR), Guignard/Fabbri (ITA), Kolbe/Caruso (GER)

MEN: Hanyu (JPN), Voronov (RUS), Gachinski (RUS)
LADIES: Lipnitskaia (RUS), Suzuki (JPN), Tuktamysheva (RUS)
DANCE: Virtue/Moir (CAN), Chock/Bates (USA), Plutowska/Gerber (POL)

MEN: Verner (CZE), Menshov (RUS), Bush (RUS)
LADIES: Artemyeva (RUS), Baga (USA), Weinzierl (GER)
PAIRS: Prolss/Blommaert (GER), Calalang/Sidhu (USA), Wende/Wende (GER)
DANCE: Papadakis/Cizeron (FRA), Alessandrini/Vaturi (ITA), Monko/Khaliavin (RUS)

MEN: D. Ten (KAZ), Pfeifer (AUS), Gorskov (RUS)
LADIES: Hicks (USA), Ando (JPN), Rajicova (SLO)
PAIRS: Donlan/Speroff (USA), Wende/Wende (GER), Kayne/O’Shea (USA)

DANCE: Cannuscio/McManus (USA), Beaudry/Sorensen (DEN) , Kolbe/Caruso (GER)

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