Friday, August 9, 2013

Olympic Season 2013-4: The Warhorse Drafting Has Begun!

(NOTE: For the time being, I am writing in a twilight world where human rights, violations, and boycotts are not in the same sentences as the next Winter Olympics. I want to make time to read some of the thoughtful op-eds that have been written in the past month (by everyone from 1980 Olympian Randy Gardner to 2006 and 2010 Olympian Johnny Weir) before deciding if & when I’ll have something of value to add to the conversation. So kindly allow me to delude myself into thinking the big “issues” of the here & now are Miki Ando’s plea for privacy from the media [good luck with that], and the music choices discussed below. Thank you.)

The Revelation of Music Choices has started to take on a sort of NBA Draft-like significance, don’t you think? Social media surely has something to do with that, as does the steady stream of stories filed for Just think, in a few years, with a little more organization and timing, one skater after another (or their coach... or their agent) could approach a podium, greet a press corps, and say into the microphone...

Suzie Skater has chosen selections from This Year’s Epic Blockbuster Film for her short program...

(Cut to a small group of people representing said Blockbuster Film, giving each other high fives)

...And her free skate will be to... "Clair de Lune"...

(Cut to an even smaller group of Debussy groupies pumping their fists in the air)

If we did it this way at least we could keep even the top selections to one use per season, right? And if it was REALLY done like a typical player draft, the lowest-ranked skaters would get the pick of the proverbial litter of music, which could all but force the A-Listers to do something unique. Doesn’t that have the potential to be some kind of awesome?  But I digress...

So anyway, I’ve got a list of selections from my 2012 Top 10 Off-the-Top-of-My-Head Draft Picks—er, I mean War Horses—and an athlete or athletes that have thus far picked them for their team. Did I say team? I meant programs:

CARMEN—Max Aaron (FS)
ROMEO & JULIET (Prokofiev)—Ashley Wagner, (FS)
SCHEHERAZADE—Carolina Kostner (FS)
SING, SING, SING—Pechalat/Bourzat (part of SD)

And then there were these War Horse suggestions made by my readers, which have been chosen by the following:

SAMPSON & DELILAH— Evan Lysacek (FS)
SELECTIONS FROM LES MISERABLES (In this case, “I Dreamed a Dream”)—Pang/Tong (FS)

So that’s nine programs accounted for. The tenth one I want to throw in there is The Shibutanis with their Michael Jackson Medley free dance... while I’m not sure there’s an MJ warhorse just yet, if only because of the depth of his danceable catalog (but watch your back, “Billie Jean”),  the concept has been broached several times over the past 12 years. Will it help the Shib Sibs win back the judges that they’ve “lost” since their World Bronze heyday? I’ll admit that I’m pretty eager to find out.

As for the other choices listed above, my interest level in each shakes out like this:

Oh so curious... Lysacek, Suzuki, Wagner
Wagner, because I’m used to seeing her portray stronger female characters than “Juliet” and I want to see how she carries this out... Suzuki, because I’m kind of disappointed with her over-used choice and I want her interpretation to cheer me up... and Lysacek, for basically the same reason as everyone else (has he still got it, and if so, will this music be the right vehicle for him?)

Mildly curious... Aaron, Asada, Kostner
Have Kostner and Asada saved the best for their last (season)? Their respective free skate selections seem like suitable enough choices... just not particularly inspired. Especially in Kostner’s case, who has sidestepped most of the “horses” up until now. (But I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt; maybe she’s been waiting her entire career to skate to Scheherazade...

Curious? Meh... Pech/Bour, Pang/Tong
In P/B’s case, “Sing Sing Sing” is being used along with two other pieces—“Hey Big Spender” and “Mein Herr”—so I’m probably more curious about their take on the “other pieces.” As for P/T, big kudos to them if they’ve somehow made it through their entire elite career (which literally began before the turn of the freaking century) without tapping anything from Les Miz up to this point. I just want to see them get through this twilight time of their eligible career without shattering, rupturing, or dislocating anything... so they can be in relatively good shape when they finally take off their skates, get married, and live the rest of their lives.

Finally, about the Davis/Brubaker free skate music... it sounds familiar for more than the standard “overused” reason: it was the music/program that Rockne Brubaker had trained with former partner Mary Beth Marley just one season ago. Marley/Brubaker split in the summer of ’12, and Brubaker didn’t partner with Lindsay Davis until this past spring... so there clearly wasn’t any time to waste. Which is probably why they decided to bring Umbrellas back to life. But in her recent interview with Jenny Kirk & Dave Lease’s The Skating Lesson, Marley sounds none too pleased with the decision, saying it’s caused her to lose respect for Brubaker... and Kirk and Lease agreed with her (likening it to “putting a rejected engagement ring on another girl’s finger” or words to that effect). I’m not sure I see it that way, particularly since it was Marley’s decision to end the partnership. Surely Brubaker is being practical rather than vengeful in “re-gifting” Umbrellas, right? But maybe I’m alone in that opinion.

What are your thoughts on this, or any of the other music choices listed? And are there any unclaimed-as-of-yet Warhorses that you’re praying will be used by a particular skater? Be sure to leave a comment! 


Anonymous said...

I agree with you re Umbrellas. It's a beautiful piece of music and hasn't been overused lately. Presumably he paid for the choreography and hasn't gotten his money's worth out of it. It was ready to be used and the new team doesn't have extra time to spend. It makes perfect sense to use it. I've seen a few interviews with Marley and she strikes me as a bit of a brat. She doesn't get to dump a guy and complain when he finds a new girlfriend (so to speak).

Kelli Lawrence said...

BTW, I see via Champs Camp that Lysacek's FS is actually "Don Quixote," not "Sampson & Delilah" as I wrote in this post. Sorry about that-- S&D is what is listed at his Wikipedia post, and (believe it or not) its skating-related info is usually very accurate.