Friday, May 24, 2013

Five Pro Skater Update Links Worth Clicking-Through RIght Now

Before I dive into this off (??) season with regards to the current crop of Olympic hopefuls, here’s a collection of Olympic “alumnus” links bound to put a smile on your face!

1) I mentioned in my previous post that Brian Boitano’s debut cookbook was recently released—and chances are, by now you’ve seen or heard something about it several times over. Has anyone out there picked up a copy and/or made a recipe from it yet? In any case, here’s an article about What Would Brian Boitano Make? that includes one of his recipes too. 

2) But if you happen to be asking yourself Who Would Brian Recruit to Make Some Candy?, might I suggest... Tai Babilonia? After all, the Olympian and 1979 pairs world champ recently launched a line of chocolates called Tai Treats... you can read all about it via this release from

3) Meanwhile, 2006 Olympic Silver Medalist Sasha Cohen has been busy with a business venture of a different kind: Snoxx, a line of socks with built-in snaps to keep pairs from separating at laundry time. A little write-up on them, which includes a Q&A with Cohen herself, can be found here

4) And as for 1992 Olympic Silver Medalist Midori Ito—frankly, she’s too busy still winning skating titles to go into an alternate business. Check out this performance she just turned in at the ISU International Adult Figure Skating Championships and you’ll see what I mean. Isn’t it great to see her still so competitive at age 43? Isn’t it lovely to see her sheer enjoyment of the sport (as opposed to the days she skated under such withering pressure)?

5) One more “alumnus” thing of note, depending on how deeply you believe in Evan Lysacek’s comeback season/quest to return to the Olympics: this week the partnership between Frank Carroll and the Toyota Sports Center was officially renewed by way of this press release. If you’ve been holding vigil for the Vancouver OGM to officially return to competitive skating, this news should help keep the candles burning a while longer. And if you’re in the I’ll-believe-it-when-I-see-it camp, I hereby order one collective eyeroll...

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