Friday, June 22, 2012

Are All of These June Skating Headlines? Well, Not Exactly...

So much skating news in so little time... even in the “quiet” month of June!

Your mission: to A) find one of the headlines below that did NOT happen in past couple of weeks but maybe you’d like it to... and/or B) find the headline on which you’d like a blogger such as myself to offer some sort of commentary, humorous or otherwise.

And of course, your own commentary is welcome in the aptly-named “comments” section! Dig in, all! 


Snoopy15 said...

Well, since your commentaries and thoughts are such witty and uncanny entries, I'd thought I'd best list the top three that you should provide more indepth coverage on:
1) Takahashi reunites with Morozov.
- Yeah, as a fan of Takahashi, I'm torn between the pros and the cons. For one, Morozov is an amazing technical specialist and instills confidence in all of his skaters, leading to consistency in jumps. However, I am fearful that Takahashi will lose the artistic relation with the music, as Morozov's programs are very basic. Regardless, Morozov is only enlisted as an "Advisor," so I think Takahashi will be fine, particularly when he gets his Quad back permanently in his arsenal.
2) ISU allowing Vocals.
- Again, I'm quite split between the benefits and curses that come with the rule change. With vocals, figure skating will become more modernized and that will give a more appealing public image, perhaps even granting more air time and funding. However,hearing pop songs in skating is ... awkward. The thought of a program to "Sexy and I Know It" or "Call Me Maybe" is quite cringe-worthy. Also, I think this is breaking traditions a bit, so I'm really not that convinced right now...
3) Adam Rippon.
- Yes, he may have gotten a new, more mature look, but I think we should wait until we see whether he's gotten more speed, more transitions, a Triple Axel, and better music choices.

Kelli Lawrence said...

Ooh, Snoopy 15, you've pinpointed some good ones! And fine insights too. Stay tuned while I sharpen up that "wit" and get to work... thanks for the comments :-)