Saturday, March 31, 2012

Top 10 Ways to Avoid Seeing Worlds Spoilers at the Site...

This is just a quick list for the survival and/or amusement of those who try to watch the tape-delayed performances on IceNetwork spoiler-free… take it as seriously as you like, but some of these actually, sort of, kind of work. (Unlike begging IceNetwork not to post the winners in their front pages!)

10) Try blocking monitor with your hands so that you can only see the spot you need to click to get to the video itself.

9) Try same thing with a copy of International Figure Skating as your blocker.

8) See if you can navigate your screen with the monitor actually turned off. Curse when you turn it on and discover it didn’t work.

7) Try the same thing blindfolded. (Could work if you’ve got someone spotting you... if they’re not jerking you around. Then you stuff the blindfold down their throat.)

6) See if your cat will sit in front of the screen long enough to make a difference as you navigate around him. Prop him back up when he opts to lay down and stretch out over all your notes.

5) Try turning your head just enough to see the screen out of the corner of your eye. When you see a color of costume you recognize, pretend there’s more than one costume like that.

4) Make a telescope out of a cardboard paper towel tube, then try to peck out the right spot on your computer to click by coming at it from the top of the screen. (This could be your eco-friendly alternative—recycling!!)

3) Beg a friend who doesn’t care about skating to do the navigating for you. Smack them with your cardboard telescope when they say “So I should click above this Asian-looking dude in the bright red shirt…?”

2) Just give it up, and wait until NBC airs Worlds coverage… a week from now. (Kidding.)

And the #1 alternative…?

Make bets on who you’ll see on the spoiler pages. If you are correct—reward yourself with a cookie. If you’re not—console yourself with two cookies.

Hope this helps! Other suggestions for survival are welcome too!!


Elle said...

I loved reading this because during the GP season I tried covering parts of the screen with magazines, advertisements, postcards, e.t.c. before I just gave up. The postcards worked the best though because they were just the right size.

sara.raju said...

Kelli, I am dying to hear what you think of Alyssa Czisny's total implosion.

Kelli Lawrence said...

Elle-- postcards seem like a good idea! I'm afraid I'd forget to hold it in the right spot though

Sara-- I think I have to summon some more strength to type that up... all that gasping during her FS sucked the air out of my living space :-(

Laura said...

Oh, the old blocking the monitor with your hand trick. Ha.

Anonymous said...

My favorite suggestion is the one about enlisting your cat's help! I have been 'spoiled' by IceNetwork's postings so many times no matter how hard I try not to look.