Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Zawadzki Minus Zakrajsek Equals Santee, Again

Now here’s a unique twist on the coaching carousel…Agnes Zawadzki, who made a fairly impressive debut on the Senior GP circuit this past season and finished 4th at the most recent U.S. Nationals, has announced something that’s not so much of a switch as it is a switchback.

After spending approximately the past two years under the tutelage of Tom Zakrajsek, Zawadzki
plans to re-employ David Santee as her head coach, with Christy Krall assisting with her “day-to-day” training as she remains out in Colorado Springs. Santee, who is based in the Chicago suburbs as Zawadzki originally was, worked with her the first seven years of her career and got her as far as Novice Nationals. I’m pretty sure he also worked for a time with one of my favorite up-and-comers Jason Brown.

Aaand, as I’ve probably mentioned a time or two before, Santee is one of best U.S. figure skaters of his generation. His credits include 8 U.S. medals, 7 consecutive trips to Worlds (where he always finished in the top 8 and earned a silver medal in 1981), and two Olympics (where he finished 6th in ’76 and 4th in ’80). I hope he travels with his “new” student to at least some of her GP assignments this fall; it would be fun to see him onscreen again.

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