Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yankowskas/Coughlin: From "Congratulations" to "I'm Sorry" in Less Than A Week

It's getting to where any U.S. pair that shows signs of success on the international front is about one press lift away from dissolution.

First we had McLaughlin/Brubaker, two-time National Champions who couldn't make the World team in its last two efforts, missed the Olympic team as well, and broke up a year ago. (Brubaker now skates with Mary Beth Marley.) Then we had Denney/Barrett, 3-time National medalists who won gold in 2010 and represented in Vancouver's Olympics... who split after their sub-par 2010-11 season a couple months ago. (Denney is reportedly looking for a new partner.)

And now, sadly, we can add Yankowskas/Coughlin to that list. A week ago, we were celebrating the fact that they turned in an impressive 6th place finish in the senior Worlds debut-- the best U.S. finish since Inoue/Baldwin reached 4th at the 2006 Worlds. Turns out it will be their only finish at a senior Worlds, as they announced the end of their partnership. Coughlin, age 25, is "weighing his future options" while Yankowskas (about to turn 21) is looking for a new partner.

The only pressing question I have right now is... why leave when the going is finally getting good? It appears that McBru and D/B fell apart when each team fell on relatively tough times. Au contraire, Yankcough easily had their best season ever, one that only improved as it progressed.

So frustrating, although we of course wish only the best for Yankcough in the future.

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