Tuesday, October 5, 2010

And the Coaching Job Goes To...

Peter Oppegard.

OK, complete sentence this time: Kim Yu-Na has announced her new coach will be Peter Oppegard. Just thought you'd want to know.

And while you're here-- three quick facts regarding Oppegard; at least one of which you couldn't possibly know until now:

1) With his partner Jill Watson, Oppegard won Olympic Bronze back in 1988 (the last time a U.S. team won a pairs' medal, by the way).

2) He's married to Karen Kwan... Michelle's older sister, as well as a former competitve skater in her own right.

3) Back in his Olympic days, he was on a "Top 10 Men List" I composed with my college roommate. :-) (Let's just say Kwan has EXCELLENT taste.)

Um, any thoughts on Kim's decision?


Anonymous said...

I didn't know he was in the last US pair team that won an Olympic medal.

#3.. ya no way to have known of that fact. :)

I sensed from reading many press conference reports that Yuna wants to compete and just needs a little push from someone who she can rely on. Considering their having some history between them some 10 years back, their ties with the Kwan family, and Oppegard's exposure to Asian elite skating family culture, all adds up and makes him a good fit for Yuna. Besides, Yuna admitted to have attentively observed Oppegard's coaching style over the last a few weeks when they were sharing the rink, so I guess she knows about her pick well.

Aaron said...

I wonder who much competing she really wants to do.

I kind of get the impression this is a "Well I guess I need a coach so I'll just pick Peter because he's here in L.A. where I want to be and I'm in good with the Kwan's" kind of move.

Does Kim Yu-Na really need a coach or does she just need someone to call her coach? Kind of like Michelle Kwan post Frank...

Kelli Lawrence said...

I've kinda wondered the exact same thing, Aaron... :-)

It's gotta be a strange dynamic, especially when you've already reached the pinnacle!

I do hope that, after all this, she continues to compete... at least for a while.

Anonymous said...

Well, you only need a coach if you're competing, right?
So the fact that she chose a coach means she's competing, right?
WHAT ?!? Not quite ?????

...the weirdness that the whole situation isn't as clear cut as it should be, given the facts, is what keeps everyone keep speculating on and on and on and on...

Motorcycle Parts said...

I'll just pick up Peter is here in Los Angeles where I want to be and are good at Kwan is "sort of move.