Saturday, September 11, 2010

One Step Closer for "Skating on Air"

I haven’t posted much specific information about my upcoming book since I first mentioned it in a bit of detail back in February—on this post, and then again on this post-- mostly because while the text was finished at the time, there was still a lot to be done with photos, releases, captioning, etc. But I got the whole thing turned in to my publisher last month, and while there’s many miles to go before Skating on Air evolves into book form…McFarland sent me a jpeg of the cover art yesterday. Take a look!

Obviously with the senior GP season a mere 6-7 weeks away, covering all of skating’s current events will require the lion’s share of this blog’s time. But as we get closer to the book’s release—which will most likely be in the first few months of 2011 at this point—I’m looking to share a handful of stories, either from the book itself or about the making of it, to give you a better sense of the whole thing. I can’t post excerpts—I promised my publisher I wouldn’t—but suffice to say you’ll be a better-informed reader if you stay tuned to State of the Skate!

The side margins will continue to remind you not-so-subtly about becoming a fan of Skating on Air via its
Facebook page, but if you’re not an FB kind of person, you can always email me to stay in the loop… or simply watch this space, as they say.

Thanks for the support, everyone!

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