Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ms. Bobek Catches a Break; Dr.Thomas Catches a Plane to Nepal

If you’ve checked the minor headlines lately, you know a former Olympic figure skater is back in them. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll read about yet another Olympic figure skater. But the two stories couldn’t be from more opposite ends of the spectrum.

Over on this side, we have the final (?) chapter in 1995 U.S. Champion Nicole Bobek’s troubled year in the meth ring spotlight… a sentence of five years’ probation, 250 hours of public service, and a $2500 fine, according to the above article from ABC. It could’ve been much worse, so I hope somewhere in her mind Bobek is doing some primo Russian splits right about now.

But not every former champ with a disappointing Olympics in their history has a rap sheet. Case and point:
on this side, we have Christine Brennan’s new profile on 1986 & 1988 U.S. Champion (and ’88 Olympic Bronze Medalist) Dr. Debi Thomas… who is eagerly anticipating an opportunity to provide joint replacements to patients in Nepal next month as part of a nonprofit volunteer organization (wogo.org). The article also talks about Dr. Thomas getting recognized on occasion, and the fact that—wow, really?—Thomas plans to come out of retirement later this year for an event billed “A Salute to the Golden Age of American Skating,” scheduled to take place in Atlantic City in December.

I would say there’s probably no chance Thomas would pull out her drop-dead hilarious
Wanda Beazle routine for the occasion, but then I came across this Clip of the Day… hmmm… stranger things have happened!


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