Thursday, July 8, 2010

Weir’s Skipping Next Season. In Other “breaking news”: Yellow and Blue Make Green; Bunnies and Kittens are Adorable.

OK, whoever had July 8, 2010 in the “when will Johnny bail?” pool, it’s time to collect your prize. (Here’s the official statement from Weir himself.) The fellow who bypassed Worlds back in March so he could “work on his technique” is now announcing it’ll take upwards of a solid year to get that “work” completed. And apparently it’s a technique that includes promoting a single, promoting a fashion line, filming season 2 of his reality series, promoting his book…

There may indeed be plenty of performances peppering all that effort… but yep, he’s definitely “on a break.” And
you know how I feel about those.

Since that’s about the least newsworthy item from the past week of skating-related stuff, let’s get to the rest… for haven’t you heard? There’s much to celebrate!

+ Remember Tonya Harding? Blonde chick, controversial skater, likes to take apart car engines with her bare hands? According to numerous reports like
this one, she got married again a few weeks ago.

+ And does the name Elvis Stojko ring a bell? Multiple World and Olympic medalist, martial arts guru, dude who whined about Lysacek’s OGM almost as loudly as Plushenko? He got married too… and no, it wasn’t to Ms. Harding. You can read about his nuptials

I think someone should go check to see if either couple is registered at Target… c’mon, what could it hurt?

+ Another name in the news is Loren Galler-Rabinowitz – OK, she’s a little more obscure, but you might recall her as an American ice dancer whose best finish at Nationals was bronze, in 2004, with her partner David Mitchell. Anyway, she just won the pageant title of Miss Massachusetts, which means she’ll represent the state at the Miss America Pageant next January. Here’s the
Ice Network article that discusses it… and as part one of the Clip of the Day, here’s a 2005 performance from Cup of Russia to refresh your memory.

+ And finally, gotta wish Michelle Kwan a happy birthday, as she celebrated her 30th just yesterday… yep, you read that right. She’s 30. And for those of you wondering where all the time went, here’s
Clip of the Day part 2… when she was half the age she is now.


Laura said...

I am just reading this post now...I was just thinking how AWESOME it would be if the Miss America contestant could ice skate for her talent. I assume the price for getting ice out on the Miss America stage would cost more than the pageant brings in in a decade, these days. Too bad!

Kelli Lawrence said...

Ironically, I think I heard that this pageant is returning to network TV (ABC, no less) next year. Maybe things are on the uptick... a sheet of ice can't be far behind :-)