Monday, June 28, 2010

Plushenko "Banned"... But For How Long?

Here’s something that would be very newsworthy if it didn’t just make me double over laughing instead...

According to this article with the headline PLUSHENKO BANNED FROM SKATING, he of the bad hair and worse attitude has been “banned from competition for one year” because he failed to show for Worlds in March, then failed to get permission from the Russian Skating Federation to skate in an ice show one month later.

HA! I’m thinking. As if he really wanted to compete this coming season anyway! I smell a set-up…

But this is where it gets confusing for me… let’s see if it’s confusing for you too… here was the ISU statement made on the matter today:

Based on evidence presented the Council has concluded that Mr. Evgeny Plushenko breached the ISU eligibility rule 102, paragraph 2, i) of the ISU General Regulations and as a consequence has become ineligible under paragraph 7 a) of that rule. The evidence has proved to the satisfaction of the Council that Mr. E. Plushenko, a skater and member of the Figure Skating Federation of Russia (FSFR), skated in exhibitions held in March and April 2010, in Russia and other countries, without the express prior authorization of the FSFR. Such activity is a breach of the ISU eligibility rules and results in the loss of eligibility.

The present decision communicated to both Mr E. Plushenko and the FSFR may be appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, Lausanne, Switzerland, within 21 days upon receipt of the decision, in accordance with Article 25, paragraph 2, c) of the ISU Constitution.

So he’s been banned from competition for one year… or banned for life? The one article indicates the former, but I don’t see the words “for one year” anywhere in the ISU statement. But as you see, Plushy apparently has three weeks to appeal this decision so it’ll probably get cleared up soon.

Does it make a difference? All depends on how serious the guy is about competing in Sochi in 2014. If he fully intended to go for it, and this is “ineligibility” is permanent, I suppose he’ll appeal in a big way. But if it’s only a year-long ban, file this one under WHO CARES, HE WASN’T GOING TO SHOW UP ANYWAY.

Of course I’ll keep you posted! Or if you've got info on this that I don't have yet, feel free to post me instead!

I was planning to re-visit 2009 Cup of China today, until I read about all the Plushy stuff. We’ll get back on track by Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

You don't find it interesting, though, that the Russian federation apparently have moved to have him banned - at the same time as they have submitted his name for the Rostelecom Cup? Or have I misunderstood matters?


Kelli Lawrence said...

Well... it was the ISU(not the RSF) that made the decision to ban him, while it was the Russian Skating Federation that he was supposed to get the OK from before doing the ice show. I'm not sure if the RSF could move to have him banned even if it wanted to for some reason...

It does bring up the question "Why was his name submitted (and apparently accepted)for the Rostelecom Cup if he was about to be banned?", except that I'm not sure when paperwork was filed for each. Was the "banning" proposal on the table before ISU assignments were requested, or vice versa? That part I wouldn't even hazard to guess.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply.:)