Saturday, March 13, 2010

One Worlds Down, One Worlds to Go...

Not that one had absolutely anything to do with the other, but I’m kind of jazzed that the skater I featured yesterday—Agnes Zawadzki—surged from 8th place to capture the silver medal at Jr. Worlds earlier today, Her medal turned out to be the only one earned by the entire U.S. team at this event, so… between this success, and her U.S. Junior Nationals title, I think this would be a good time for the Ice Network to get a bio posted already on Ms. Zawadzki. Don’t you?

Final results on the ladies:

Kanako MURAKAMI, Japan
Polina AGAFONOVA, Russia

Kate CHARBONNEAU finished in 6th, while the other U.S. competitors (Kiri BAGA and Christina GAO) were 7th and 8th, respectively.

With this Worlds now in the books, and that Worlds (the Senior version) starting up in about 10 days… plus the weekly adventures of Lysacek, the daily adventures of Weir, and all the other quasi-retirements, coaching changes, and pairs/dance breakups bound to be announced over the next month or two… whew… does it seem like so much of the Olympic experience is slipping away already?

Well I think I have a remedy for that. POST-OLYMPICS GRAD SKATING SCHOOL (POGSS) will be in the headline from now on when I dip back into the Vancouver well, whether it’s to analyze the early groups of skaters that never had a chance of being seen on TV, or look at those that did from a different perspective… or post more highlights from Universal’s Figure Skating Review/Preview Show (haven’t forgotten about it!)…

Because if it takes four years to generate this kind of excitement about the sport, I tend to think we should milk it to the last drop!

Some Jr. Worlds clips are starting to find their way onto You Tube now… this gold-medal winner from Yuzuru Hanyu is today’s
Clip of the Day. (And sorry to bring up his name yet again, but does anyone else see a little Johnny Weir influence on Hanyu’s style?)

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