Friday, January 22, 2010

As The Calendar Turns (Towards Vancouver), Pt. 4

So much to recap…

+ Sasha breaks into the Top 10…. News items online , that is. Yes, she’s back, she practiced well, and she threw down a stunning SP Thursday night. NBC is surely relieved to at least know they’ve got a humdinger of a showdown for prime time this Saturday night… it’ll be interesting to see the numbers it brings.

+ So does the Abominableorigine dance of Domnina/Shabalin. It’s official—they’ve offended the very ones they’re paying tribute to. YahooSports is running a story with awesome quotes from a well-regarded indigenous group that appears to be a little displeased with their Original Dance…
the body paint looked like a three-year-old child had drawn it on... Probably the elders in the bush would be laughing because they would be saying, 'Look how stupid these fellas are,' he said. (Yahoo, indeed!)

+ But they still won Euros. Yeah, I know. This despite actually being outskated by the Italian team of Faiella/Scali in the OD and FD. Which means I probably haven’t been this irritated by the word “compulsories” since Trixie Schuba. (OK, I was just a toddler in ’72, but you know what I mean.)

+ So did Plushy. Yeah, I know. By 17 points. Let’s focus on something less depressing… like Spain’s Javier Fernandez, who pulled up to 8th from 13th place after getting the 6th best FS score of the night. In fact, let’s make that FS a Clip of the Day. Ah… that’s better.

+ Oh, is there a U.S. Championship still in progress? I hope all the attention heaped on La Cohen makes it easier for the other three still in the running (Nagasu, Flatt, Wagner) to focus tomorrow night. With Euros continuing across the pond this weekend , 4CCs coming up next weekend, and Canadians just ending last weekend… not to mention something coming up in Vancouver… dang, the name of it just escapes me right now…anyway, I don’t know how any one of them finds the ability to focus on a piece of gum, let alone a 4 minute minefield of a program. Sheesh.

See you sometime after Saturday night Skate Night!

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