Monday, September 7, 2009

All Puns Aside, Ross Miner is Due for Major Attention

Time to tap the Need-to-Know files again…

This time the spotlight is on Ross Miner, the 2009 U.S. Junior Men’s Champ who also just won the first JGP event of the year (held in Lake Placid over the weekend). Miner is an 18 year-old product of the Boston area; combine this with the fact that he’s got the Peter Johansson and Mark Mitchell team involved, and the notion that he might have a future in this sport is an easy one to have.

And you’ve gotta like a guy that strategizes no matter what—minutes after coming off the ice in Lake Placid with a free skate that is described at as
“rocky”, Miner was determining exactly what he needed to do to skate better at his next event:

"I need to do my programs more. They are still relatively new, but I want to make sure that every time I do my program, I really sell it and fight for every single element."

This despite the fact that he WON! Always nice to hear a strong work ethic in progress, though…

As for other interesting factoids in his bio:

+ Favorite author is Ernest Hemingway. (I’m required by law to note this as my hometown—Oak Park, Illinois—is Hemingway’s hometown too.)

+ Favorite magazine is The Economist. Wow! I think the last 18 year-old I heard of who might have said this was named Alex P. Keaton (think Family Ties).

+ Speaking of TV Characters: he lists his “Three television characters I wish were real so I could hang out with them” as Michael Scott (from The Office), Brian Griffin from Family Guy …and MacGyver. I’m not even sure about the Brian Griffin guy (I don’t watch Family Guy; I’m guessing he might be the dad?), but something about this list cracks me up.

While the weekend’s programs don’t seem to be available to access yet (someone let me know if you find them), you can see (presumably) the same FS on this
Clip of the Day taken from the Liberty Open earlier this summer. He’s lacking speed at this point, but he definitely has a lot going for him… hmmm, maybe someone to watch for the 2014 Olympics? And in reference to my own post's title, just think of all the fun to be had with headlines alone: "No MINER Accomplishment", "Ross Skates in a MINER Key", "The MINER is Going to the Majors"... the possibilities are endless.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I heard that you h8 yu-na kim
Same here. I love mao asada
Let's pray for her to win
olympic gold.
I'm looking foward to see your
prediction post

Kelli Lawrence said...

Um... afraid you heard wrong! I don't hate (or h8) anyone, much less the current world champion.

Yu-Na Kim and Mao Asada are both enormously talented athletes... that's all I can say right now. Olympic predictions are many months away. Let's see how the season unfolds first.

Aaron said...

Returning the topic of Ross Miner...???

I think he's brilliant!