Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Hunt For 2011 4CC TV Coverage (and how you might track it down)

The action over in Taipei got underway earlier today, and I didn’t get time to make any 4CC predictions… BUT, that doesn’t mean I can’t get busy covering it in some way!

For one thing, you might want to check this link out if you haven’t already… it’s a post at FS Universe telling not only WHEN the events happen (in various time zones), but WHERE you might be able to catch some streaming video if 4CC can’t be found in your area. I checked it out this morning, and was able to hook up to a link streaming the last few draws in the pairs SP… just in time to see Amanda Evora and Mark Ladwig get started… and then come to an abrupt stop when Ladwig’s boot actually broke at the heel on the landing of their SBS triple toes! Even more amazing… he got off the ice, switched to another boot within the three minute allotment, and finished the program! They are currently in 6th place. The whole story can be found in this IceNetwork article.

As for the Short Dance (which came first)… let’s just say Virtue/Moir are back. Here’s their SD. You can probably guess the rest without even seeing it!

P.S. for those of you attending RISE tonight… if you’re interested in writing up a little review of it in the next few days and serving as a “guest blogger” here, drop me a line at KLawrence997-at-gmail-dot-com. I cannot attend, but would love to hear a detailed account of what people think of it.

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