Friday, February 4, 2011

2011 U.S. Nationals, Phase 5: The Parting Comments

As a wrap-up for U.S. Nationals, I bring back a feature I think I’ve done here in the past:

ANY QUESTIONS? (Um, yeah, I’ve got about a dozen)

1) After hearing it used by at least THREE ice dance teams in one season, I have to ask: should a song called “Fallin’” really be that popular a choice for a skating routine? :-)

2) Am I the only one who likes Rachael Flatt’s free skate this season? I went over to FS Universe this week and came away with that feeling…

3) Speaking of Flatt… Did anyone else read an article about her in which she said she hated wearing long-sleeve dresses for competition because they were too hot (meaning temperature, not attractiveness)? If so, did anyone else do a double-take when she debuted her new SP dress? I wonder if they simply decided a sleeveless version wouldn’t do her any favors, given her pale tone…

4) Can I please nominate Sean Rabbitt for this year’s Craziest Fall? He’s the redhead who did a Michael Jackson SP, tried to hit some poses just before launching into his footwork… and promptly lost his footing and crashed to the ground! I blame Florent Amodio…

5) Can we all agree that the skating world is a much more interesting place with Frank Carroll in it? Between his makeshift “curtain” while Jonathan Cassar felt himself up for a missing broken chain, to the look of death he shot to whoever knocked him in the head with a stuffed animal while awaiting Mirai Nagasu’s lackluster scores, the guy never ceases to entertain me.

6) Did anyone else see this Tweet from Mr. Johnny G. Weir during the men’s event?

JohnnyGWeir I can't believe the boys are competing right now for a US title and I'm on my couch in my underpants.First time since 1998. Not loving it.

I can only imagine what went through his head when he learned that Ryan Bradley won, considering he says Bradley never should have beaten him (meaning been able to beat him, I think) in the Welcome to my World book. (Yes, I’m reading it now.)

7) Did anyone miss Inoue/Baldwin in the pairs event? (I didn’t think so.)

8) Was it just me, or was Joelle Forte one of the most underappreciated competitors in the ladies field this time? She finished 9th with back-to-back, seemingly clean skates that included a total of three triple lutzes. I’d have had her around 7th.

9) Were you as impressed with 16 year-old Jason Brown as I was? I mentioned in a post
back in September that he was easily distinguished by his ponytail but with any luck, he’d be noticed for much more before long. And after skating the 7th best free skate of the day (without a triple axel, mind you), he pulled up to a 9th place finish. I don’t think he made it to the NBC coverage, but here it is as the Clip of the Day nonetheless. Remember what I said about Richard Dornbush? Consider this a heads-up for next year… WATCH FOR JASON BROWN. When he gets his triple axel and perhaps a quad too, this kiddo is going to be fierce.

10) On a different note, were you wincing as much as I was for another young-un named Joshua Farris? He’s the one who (as you may have heard) reportedly broke his ankle at some point during his warm-up or performance. The guy got through his performance somehow—fell three times and stumbled badly a few more times, but got through it—and as he sat in agony in the K&C, coach Tom Zakrajsek said something like “Are you glad you tried?” Poor Farris yelped “No!”… apparently no one knew just how bad it was (including Farris himself) until later that day. Must’ve been something of a relief to know there was a highly legit reason he couldn’t land much of anything! Hope he heals completely and rebounds nicely for next year.

11) What was it that Alissa Czisny said (to someone off-camera) while being photographed by NBC in the athlete lounge, awaiting word on her medal color? Oh wait, I know… “I’m not on TV right now, am I?” Well…

12) And in a similar athlete lounge moment, did you notice who was sitting next to Dornbush and Ross Miner as they waited in disbelief to see if they’d mad the podium for real? Yep, that was MY silver medal pick Adam Rippon… all parka’d up and trying to look cheerful despite a 5th place finish. A tad awkward, but I suppose it was better than the videographer saying “Hey, Adam, could you get out of the shot? Only medalists get to sit here.”

That’s all I’ve got for now! I hope to FINALLY get to a European’s recap sometime in the next few days! Hang in there…


Anonymous said...

This is what happened to Joshua Farris.

"In a practice just before his short, Josh landed a quad. He was encouraged to do another one and took a hard fall. That fall resulted in a deeply bruised hip and a torn adductor muscle. Strike one.

The medical team gave him pain meds to help him get through the short program.

Josh is severely allergic to anything dairy. He went to dinner last night and accidentally ingested something that contained dairy. A few hours later, he was in the hospital hooked up to an IV and being observed for complications of anaphylaxis. He got back to the hotel at 4am and got a few hours of sleep before having to go to warmup ice.
Strike two.

Still with puffy eyes and swollen lips, he went to get another shot of pain meds before he skated and found out that he couldn't have any because of the anti-allergy meds he'd had at the hospital. There was a drug interaction problem. So, he decided to go ahead and give it his best and skate his long with no pain meds at all.

He took the ice to skate his long. Because of the tenderness of his leg, he couldn't pull in as tight and fell on his first two triple axels. The second one, he came down weird and consequently broke his fibula.
Strike three."

I can't believe he got through his program with a broken ankle!

Anonymous said...

"Did anyone miss Inoue/Baldwin in the pairs event?"

YESS!!!!! I did. I love them. They're my second favorite US pair team.

Kelli Lawrence said...

Thanks for the explanation on Farris... I'm curious where this account is from (with it being in quotes and all); would like to give credit where it is due!

And thanks for speaking up, Wagrobanite :-) I'm kind of kidding about no one missing them; I just thought they should have retired around 2007 or 8. Surely they were in the stands in Greensboro... if only because Baldwin's been skating at Nationals for (literally) decades and January surely wouldn't have been complete without at least a visit.

Anonymous said...

It's from Facebook.

Kelli Lawrence said...