Thursday, February 24, 2011

Denney/Barrett Not Just "Out" (of 4CC)... but Over. Done. Kaput.

Wow. I thought we’d have at least another 4-6 weeks before the season was ripe to announce coaching changes, partner dissolutions, etc… but getting a jump on the annual merry-go-round is none other than 2010 U.S. pair champs Caydee Denney and Jeremy Barrett. They announced their “breakup” today via this USFS press release , which indicates 26 year-old Barrett is retiring…

Denney plans to continue her skating career.

"I feel I'm just starting to scratch the surface when it comes to what I'm capable of," Denney said. "My goal is to find a new partner and begin competing again by next season."

"Caydee was such a good partner," Barrett said. "I know she will be successful in whatever she decides to do."

In a way I guess it makes sense— they can’t serve as this year’s Worlds alternate with his current leg injury… there’s a substantial age difference between he and Denney… plus as we know, he’s also preparing for the married life with fellow pairs skater Amanda Evora. Perhaps he’s realizing he doesn’t want to hang in for another three years (to try for a second Olympic berth), and wishes Denney, who will only be 20 at the time of the Sochi Olympics, to have time to build a great new partnership.

I hope it’s something like that, because any other reason would be truly disappointing. As I mentioned before Nationals, I admired the power and energy these two brought to the sport. And I really thought they were just getting started (together only three years, after all). Sadly, they end their time together with a trio of U.S. medals and no GP medals. They finished 13th at the Vancouver Olympics, and 7th at the Torino Worlds last year.

I’m including their winning free skate at last year’s Nationals as the
Clip of the Day… Me, I’m sorry their road was such a short one. How about you?

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highaims said...

I'm sorry, too ! Sure there's that age difference and that of Jeremy being 26 as well, but there are plenty of successful pairs in the world near 30 and even in their 30's. Perhaps the injury was alot more severe than initially expected, affecting the nerves and muscles beyond repair to stay competitive... but that's life, I guess.
I hope Caydee finds a suitable partner soon. She still has alot to prove!!