Monday, December 20, 2010

What's So Great About Figure Skating...? (Aside from cool online contests, that is)

So what’s so great about figure skating, anyway?

Whatever your answer—the chills, the spills, the grace, the excitement, the costumes, the opportunity to rag on your least favorite commentator—don’t tell me! Tell Ryan Jahnke about it instead.

You might have heard about Jahnke’s terrific website, an online marketplace for “gently used”, skating-related merchandise. Turns out that is putting together a video designed to encourage potential new skaters about this decidedly unique sport… and your help is requested. Especially if you have a great answer to that “What’s so great…” question!

You might even win a $100 gift certificate for any item on the website (or from one of its Partner Stores), so what’s not to like about that? Time is running out, though—videos are only being accepted through the end of the year—so here’s what to do if you’re so inclined:

1) Shoot a short video.

2) Visit

3) Follow the directions for uploading videos to the YouTube channel.

4) Be sure to jump around a lot if you win!

Coming soon: A Skating with the Stars update!

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