Sunday, December 5, 2010

Are We There Yet? Questions on the Road to GP Finals and Beyond 2010

It’s so strange to have a little lull in the action, I hardly know what to post. How ‘bout if I post some fake, yet completely believable, Frequently Asked Questions of the week…

Is it GP Finals time yet? No; that’s next weekend. Come back later this week for airdates and predictions… and if you’ve got a prediction of your own, why not add a “Comment” and commit to it in writing? C’mon… heaven knows you’ll probably do much better with your guesses than I have thus far.

(And incidentally, the U.S. has NINE competitors in the Junior GP Final, also to be held in Beijing this coming weekend. It won’t be streaming live on IceNetwork, but I’ll try to get the word out as I hear it anyway.)

Has anyone withdrawn from GP Finals yet? Not that I’ve heard, but I suppose there’s still time for that to happen Monday or Tuesday? (If so, that means half the U.S. GP competitors are continuing to wonder if they’ll get “the call”)

Is Skating with the Stars cancelled yet? No, but this week it’ll face some still competition in the form of a) the regular CBS lineup, and b) the season premiere of The Sing Off, which NBC would probably call Real Live GLEE if it could do so without paying the folks at FOX. Anyway, if SWTS can get through Monday night with between 5 ½- 6 million viewers intact, it should probably be considered a serious victory. Check back on Tuesday for an update on all of this.

Have any of the “on a break” skaters announced their plans yet? Funny you should ask… Joannie Rochette, for one, officially opted out of Canadian Nationals several days ago. You can read more about it
here, if you haven’t already. While we’re on the subject… anyone want to hedge their bets as to when Evan Lysacek will officially do the same with this season’s U.S. Nationals? Or is that just a bygone conclusion at this point?

Is this update done yet? As soon as I post this
clip of the day from Dice-K’s 2009 GPF Gala performance. Will he run off with the title this year?


Anonymous said...

Evan will be on STARS on ICE JAPAN TOUR 2011 in Tokyo. This ice shows are in January 15-16. So, he has just one week before January 22 when U.S. Figure Skating Championships is begun. Joannie Rochette will be on same shows and Canadian Nationals are January 21-23. It is easy to guess Evan will make his decision lust like Joannie, maybe soon or later. This is just my guess, though.
Source of STARS on ICE JAPAN TOUR 2011 is

translation services said...

It should probably be considered a major victory. Back on Tuesday for an update on this issue.

Kelli Lawrence said...

I knew Evan was headlining the U.S. SOI tour again, but didn't know about the Japan edition... so thank you!

Anonymous said...

You are welcome, Kelli.
From Dec.5 Anoymous