Saturday, October 10, 2009

Strike One on Sasha... (as Cohen Withdraws from TEB)

A week from now, the TEB (Trophee Eric Bompard) will be nearly in the books… but Sasha Cohen’s name won’t be in that book after all.

Though she hasn’t yet withdrawn from the entire GP Series (as Kimmie Meissner just did), Cohen is citing tendonitis in her calf as her reason for withdrawing from TEB. You can read more about it

While this means we won’t get a sneak preview of how Cohen measures up to both Yu-Na Kim and Mao Asada side by side, we should still see how she compares the current world champion when she and Yu-Na meet up at Skate America. At least, that appears to be the plan for now.

So is it too late for the US to get an alternate to Paris for next week’s events? I’m looking at the roster and noticing that BeBe Liang only has one assignment thus far…

Clip of the Day is from the ongoing Finlandia Trophy event, of which I’ll probably mention in a couple of days. But if you like Dice-K (aka Daisuke Takahashi), be sure to check this out. It’s a far cry from Olympic-ready, but I’m already digging this new free skate. Glad he’s back!


MRR said...

I just wanted to let you know that I have a skating blog as well:

I very much enjoy your blog! Keep up the good work.

Aaron said...

Elena Glebova of Estonia got Sasha's spot. I was hoping they were gonna call Molly Oberstar in Finland and say "Don't fly home...go to Paris."

Kelli Lawrence said...

MRR-- wow, impressive site! Wish I had the time to doll up this one like that! (And Aaron's... and Laura's... sigh!)

Aaron-- Estonia!? dang, that hardly seems fair. You'd think they're unimpressed with the way U.S. ladies are skating these days... um... well... OK, maybe there's reason for that :-(

Aaron said...

I guess Sasha's spot wasn't give to USFSA, only Alexe and Caroline's where. Sasha was invited by the French Federation to compete so they could give the spot to anyone they pleased...WIN for Elena Glebova...FAIL for US Figure Skating :-(